Education, feeding, children

Once a delicate woman, gradually rough man

Whether it’s jeans, cotton pants, synthetic pants or down pants, boys can wear holes.

I have never been a woman worker, and now I have mastered the skills of patching pants.

Education, feeding, children

And the most painful scene for me was in the toilet — the seat that is always forgotten to lift, and the few drops of urine on the seat.

A family’s toilet seat is a wrestling ground between the sexes of the family.

As the only woman in the family, I could not compete with four, and I was bound to lose.

Actually, it’s not just toilet seats. I’m the opposite of them a lot of the time:

That group is responsible for the natural and unrestrained, I am responsible for the plan;

That group is responsible for the mess, and I’m the one who does the work.

If there is no miracle, this life gave birth to three;

If there is a miracle, it is too tired!

From autumn to winter, from spring to summer!

And in the constant battle with the enemy, my painting style, also gradually led to deviate.

Once a delicate woman, gradually rough man!

Yes ah, the day all fell big responsibility at me, let me a viviparous male, 2 viviparous male, 3 stillborn male, how can I still continue the beautiful beautiful of it.