Education, feeding, children

Li said the end of the universe is the iron ridge

Hello, I’m the mother of three boys.

Every time I introduced myself like this, the crowd went silent for a second, as if I had dropped a bomb.

Some friends tend to have some doubts or misunderstandings:

Education, feeding, children

“Does this man have a mine at home? He has three sons.”

“I want to be crazy about my son. I have so many children. Why should I inherit the throne at home?”

In fact, of course, my family has no throne, and no mines.Let’s just say the Y chromosome is too diligent.

But at the end of the day everyone would look happy and say to me,

How fortunate you are to have three sons!

But I know, this is a polite words, is my sincere blessing, but also to my life experience completely speechless.

What else can you say to a mother who has three boys?Do you wish you peace?

Now the country encourages people to have three children. As a senior and hard mode on three children mother, today I would like to tell you about my life.

By the time the first and second children were born, we had decided not to reproduce.We don’t have two children, but raising two kids is enough for a family at the moment.

But every time I pass a children’s wear store, I see bows and pink dresses, and I feel a little ripple in my heart.

To say that God loves to play tricks on people, I pray every day to get rich, wish not, but that small ripple, God caught.

By accident, I was pregnant again.

I discuss with husband, it is small life, knock off too cruel.

If not, two boys have been born, and the third one should be a daughter.

Unexpectedly, the result of “knowing men and becoming better” turned out to be “adding men to men”, “being around men” and “being male again and again”.

When the third child was born, the nurse showed his ass to me, and in the familiar exhaustion, I heard the nurse calmly say: boy.

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t lost.

Li Xueqin said the end of the universe is the iron ridge.

To my surprise, the end of the universe turned out to be boy, boy, boy.