Education, academic qualifications, senior level

You define who you are and what level you are at

Home gardening, pet care, knitting and computer operation are the top four most popular nanny skills, according to ELLEMEN.

Past experience is more likely to determine your chances of being hired, such as caring for a foreign family or working in a luxury property like Tomson Yipin, which is already a top dog.

Education, academic qualifications, senior level

As for the requirements of the candidates, the resume began to be diverse and professional:

“Aunty Li, 24 years old, bachelor’s degree, home tutor, fluent spoken English, can directly communicate with foreigners, worked as a foreign company customer service and tutor……”

“Aunty Su, 44 years old, bachelor’s degree, skilled in driving, worked as an assistant teacher in Melbourne Early Education Center for 10 years, and worked as a principal and class teacher in International Kindergarten back in China…”

“Auntie Chen, 30 years old, a native of New Beijing, Master of Chemistry from Tsinghua University, Grand Prize of NECCS National English Competition for College Students, First Prize of National Robot Competition for College Students…”

“Aunty Chen, 27 years old, with a master’s degree in the United States, is a senior nursery teacher, an elite early morning teacher, a child chiropractor, and a national intermediate swimming coach. She used to be a business data analyst in New York, but she returned to China due to the epidemic and engaged in early education and childcare work…”

From undergraduate to doctoral degree, from the post-70s to the post-80s, in the circle of high-end nannies, housekeeping tends to be younger and more elite.

After all, there is no shortage of chefs and chauffeurs in luxury homes. Here’s what they’re looking for:

Helpers who can provide children with higher quality companionship and take care of the family.

Therefore, every aunt in a mansion, their own ability, enough to match the employer to give the high salary treatment.

Shanghai Open University held home economics undergraduate enrollment start conference I know someone must say, ah, again cattle is not just a nanny?

There is no distinction between high and low jobs. If there is a distinction between high and low jobs, it is determined by your own ability.

The private enterprises favor the 985 and 211 students, while the state-owned enterprises also divide the grades according to the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree, and the professional players who earn ten million yuan a month playing video games and the “wastes” who idle away their time playing video games.