Education, academic qualifications, senior level

There is a year of early education experience

There is a net friend, once went to Shanghai aunt’s home to attend a party.

Wearing a suit wearing a bow tie little nephew sitting in front of the piano, Shi Shi ran played a song, the net friend a fierce boast, from fingering to the imposing manner to the aunt to train the child’s method, not finished, aunt’s nanny aunt said a light:

“There’s something wrong in the second bar. It’s FA sharp.”

Education, academic qualifications, senior level

The face of net friend at that time stiffened, Leng is in situ.

Later just know, that aunt’s daughter is studying in Shanghai Conservatory of Music.Since her daughter was three years old, my aunt has been accompanying her to take the piano test all the way, and she also has a musical foundation.

Therefore, when a Shanghainese can call their nanny “auntie”, it is from the bottom of their heart.

They can be tone-wise, they know the law, they have a broader vision than their employer, and they have completely shaken off the old stereotype of the nanny.

Of course, no matter what the circle, as long as the word “high-end” before the word, it is not that easy to enter the circle.

Do you still remember the Liu Shuang at refresh last year?

Liu Shuang, a 32-year-old housekeeper, was offered a salary of 20,000 yuan a month to keep her company, even though she didn’t do any cleaning and cooking.

Her resume was full of gold.

In college, Liu studied for seven years and is fluent in French and English.

After graduation, he joined a well-known domestic communication company and was sent to Africa with an annual salary of 300,000 yuan.

There is a year of early education experience, in the tutoring of children can be said to have both strength and experience.

In the high-end nanny industry, most clients are business owners or executives from listed companies, who prefer nannies with high degrees.

In the first and second tier cities, in addition to the requirements of academic qualifications, holding a certificate is also the mainstream.

Nursery Teacher Certificate, Driving License, Teacher Certificate, Dietitian Certificate, Kitchen Certificate, Nurse Certificate…

The average nannies in Shanghai hold 2.7 certificates, while the minimum number in Beijing is 1.51.