Education, academic qualifications, senior level

This is the chain of parenting disdain in the world

Auntie Wang’s last employer, living in the Lujiazui CBD of rare luxury Yanheng Riverside Park, the average price from 120,000 yuan.This also means that aunt wang’s starting point has seconds to kill other peers.

The first day she came to the Thirteenth Sister’s home, Aunt Wang gave a sigh of regret:

“In your neighborhood, no.”

Education, academic qualifications, senior level

Thirteen sister was very confused, thought aunt Wang said that the community environment and housing prices are not good, did not think she then said:

“Look, what time is it? It’s already 7 o ‘clock in the evening. Why are so many children running and Shouting outside?

At this point, the children should be practicing the piano, practicing calligraphy, practicing a horse?”

It turns out that in Shanghai, the most sophisticated nanny, an education expert.

They pass through the various villas, take the host’s children to the after-school, go to the English corner, supervise the piano saxophone practice, know some basketball is the threshold, but also can swing the golf club, the “education atmosphere” as a community grade.

Later aunt wang through their own efforts, the senior certificate, from the thirteen sister home rose to a more advanced than the last owner of the community.

This is the chain of parenting disdain in the magic nanny world:

Employers and nannies work hard together to train children’s quality education.The employer personally practises child education.Children read silly >;The child is cared for by the grandparents

Even aunts know how to read books to change your life, and if you don’t make an effort, even nannies won’t come to your house.

Compared with Shunyi Nanny Circle, the core of Mendu Nanny Circle lies in that you never know what kind of superior aunt your family is.