Education, academic qualifications, senior level

Even a chain of contempt began to form between nannies

At the time, he had a part-time cleaning aunt who had worked for another luxury employer for more than a decade.

When his mother was shopping in the supermarket, she found that Chinese cabbage was on sale at a very low price. She not only bought a lot of Chinese cabbage for herself, but also took her part-time aunt with her to get her to buy a lot of Chinese cabbage.

Education, academic qualifications, senior level

On the way back, his mother dragged the heavy cabbage, called part-time aunt together to wait for the supermarket bus.

Unexpectedly, the part-time aunt refused lightly: “No, I’m waiting for my driver to pick me up.”Leaving his mother alone in the wind.

You will never guess, in the supermarket gate on the luxury car, not the lady, but the lady’s nanny.

On the one hand, they live in mansions worth hundreds of millions of yuan, sit in luxury cars, eat imported steaks, walk purebred dogs in private lawns every day, and live a top life.

On the other hand, after a long time working as a nanny in a wealthy family, the aunts’ business thinking is also developed.

Some aunts in their spare time, self-taught pet grooming technology, but also a meal craft;

Some aunts in the employer do out of praise, by virtue of continuous matchmaking, from the monopoly of a villa area, to unite with the sisters from their hometown opened their own cleaning company in Beijing.

Another owner of a private enterprise, a small company with dozens of employees, posted on his WeChat Moments that his aunt suddenly asked him to quit.

The reason is that Canada immigration documents approved down, to go to Vancouver to settle down.I’m going to sell one of my three houses in Shanghai and buy a villa in Vancouver.

Shunyi villas aunt, it is a legend.

From north to south, from capital to magic.

In those improbable big cities, well-informed nannies have begun to crush the middle class.

Even a chain of contempt began to form between nannies.

Auntie Wang’s last employer, living in the Lujiazui CBD of rare luxury Yanheng Riverside Park, the average price from 120,000 yuan.This also means that aunt wang’s starting point has seconds to kill other peers.