Education, academic qualifications, senior level

The employer has fought all his life to give the nannies

A long time ago, there was a popular joke on the Internet.

When the young couple got married, they dreamed of living in a villa with sea view. They would bask in the sun on the balcony with their dog and watch the sea while drinking coffee.

Education, academic qualifications, senior level

After years of hard work, they finally realized their dream.Bought a villa with a sea view. Bought a dog.

But the mortgage pressure is huge, every day go out early and come back late, desperately make money, can only ask the nanny to do housework and look after the dog.

So, what their nanny does most every day is to bask in the sun, drink coffee and watch the sea with the dog on the balcony.

The employer has fought all his life to give the nannies the life they wanted.

Today, the scene depicted in the joke is being played out in reality.

Shunyi, Beijing, each of the villas in the residential aunt, are living the life of the above joke.

Due to frequent business trips and no one to take care of the cats and dogs at home, the writer accidentally entered a group of aunts serving well-known communities in Beijing through the introduction of a friend, and saw a new world from then on.

Eating guacamole, driving in and out of a Mercedes-Benz G55 and living in a mansion with a private lawn are the daily routine of Wang’s career-in-charge in a single-family villa district in Shunyi.

Not only that, because the employer’s home is too big, there are extra special cleaners responsible for the daily cleaning work, which is completed under the guidance of the chief aunt, who is only responsible for the fine parts and cooking.

She has two other colleagues, one of whom is responsible for taking care of a child, eating, playing, sleeping and attending interest classes, but nothing else.

A person who originally did not take a stand with the upper world, suddenly changed by virtue of the “nanny” identity to achieve a leap of quality of life, or cross-level.

At the time, he had a part-time cleaning aunt who had worked for another luxury employer for more than a decade.

When his mother was shopping in the supermarket, she found that Chinese cabbage was on sale at a very low price. She not only bought a lot of Chinese cabbage for herself, but also took her part-time aunt with her to get her to buy a lot of Chinese cabbage.