Filial piety, affection, parents

No matter how good a man is

A one-year-old girl in Dezhou, Shandong Province, woke up in the middle of the night without crying or making a fuss.

She crawled up to her dad, gently pulled his arm down and smoothed it out. Then she climbed into his arms, and though he didn’t open his eyes, he unconsciously grabbed the baby and patted him twice.

With the warm comfort of his father, the little baby fell asleep again.

Filial piety, affection, parents

The girl’s mother said that the family is a twin, this is the second brother, usually with his father sleep in the same room, the eldest and mother sleep together.

Seeing this scene through the surveillance, Bao’s mother could not help laughing: It seems that girls can do this from an early age, and do not need to be taught.

Yeah, little girls are always so good at sajiao that they even use their dads as toys, and dads have no resistance to it.

Here’s a little girl who had so much imagination that she took the hair off her father’s leg.

Use colorful plasticine to stick leg hair, a cluster of vertical, and then cut off one by one with scissors, this is to do?

Originally, the girl put a pinch of leg hair, in a small clay head when hair.

“You cut my leg hair to stop the garden”, although the father could not help but laugh, but still motionless obediently cooperate.

There is a saying that the only people who are favored will be able to rely on.The reason why the girl on dad special dependence, dare to act in pettish unbridled capricious, it is because of the father a lot of a lot of gentle and love ah.

In the eyes of the father, the girl is used to pain.

No matter how good a man is, his daughter is also a slave with delicate thoughts.

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