Filial piety, affection, parents

Cherish the people you love, do not care, do not resent

As actor Alin Kao put it:

“When you’re 30, you don’t think about it, and when you’re 60, you don’t even think about it, because you always think there’s a wall between you and death, and you can’t see death.When your parents die, you face death.”

Parents in, still can go to kindness;

Parents go, there is no time to turn back.

It is said that as soon as one is past the age of 25, one by one one of his relatives begins to leave.

A parting, scarred for the rest of my life.

Filial piety, affection, parents

In Biography of Lin Huiyin, there is a passage:

“People’s life to experience too much separation, those sudden parting, often hurt people caught unprepared.

Life is where not to meet, but some turn around, really is life, from the hereafter never meet, never meet.”

Happy are those who have no attachment to matters of life and death, because they have not experienced the parting of real despair.

Experienced the separation of life and death, will understand: the rest of the people on the road, bitter ah.

A leather clothing, a call, a WeChat, how easy, but become this life will never be able to complete the regret.

So don’t wait for the next few days to come. Enjoy the present moment.

Life in the world, floating clouds sunset, the end of the place.

Don’t miss the most important life in the best time.

This life encounter, not necessarily there is an afterlife.

Spend time with your parents while it’s still too late.In the days that can also accompany, please be tolerant, gentle, to them a little bit better.

Now every time cherish, is for the future a little less regret.

Cherish good people to you, lost, can not find back.

Cherish the people you love, do not care, do not resent.

Cherish yourself, have a healthy body, live well for yourself once.

I wish you the rest of your life, all the treasure, do not have to lose to know.