Filial piety, affection, parents

Parents and children, the final escape is a parting

Growing up, my father was the tall and strong figure who could lift him above his head and shelter him from the wind and rain.Suddenly, the figure became fragile and needed protection, and he realized that he had missed so much.

“When my dad used to beat me up, he was very aggressive,” he said. “In fact, when you look back, you think how happy you must be that he can beat you up now…”

Filial piety, affection, parents

Can not go back to the time just know, sometimes, can shout a nickname, can sit and chat, even if it is a beat, are extravagant hope.

Sa Beining once said in a show that after his twins were born, his first WeChat message was to his mother:

“Your two little grandchildren are born, and you’re a grandmother.”

“I think I’ll never get a message from my mother…” he said.

“Then he burst into tears.Because my mother had passed away.On the WeChat side, there’s no echo.

The grandson, whom his mother had loved so much, would never see him.

Always think that parents will always be with you;

Always thought that even when it was time to go, there might be a hint of a sign, a goodbye;

But the real life, more is suddenly left.

The world comes and goes, there will be no one like this to take life to love you.

The world is open, but there is no way to reach the mother.

Can only send a message never receive a reply, tell this life miss.

Parents and children, but only a few decades, the final escape is a parting.