Family, parents, children

Li Huanying is the name of Jia Ling’s mother

Li Huanying is the name of Jia Ling’s mother.

In 2001, Li Huanying accidentally fell off a dump truck and died.At that time, she was 48.

Family, parents, children

She once wanted a green fur coat. Jia Ling bought one for each of her parents, but the one she bought for her was too small. So Jia Ling took the clothes back to Beijing to change them.

The green fur coat became a regret that Jia Ling could never let go.

Years later, Jia Ling made a name for herself with her comic talent and high emotional intelligence.Men like her and women like her.

A successful comedian, in front of the people how funny, how many people behind the pain.

“Are you happy?” the interviewer asked her.

She replied, “I may not be happy for the rest of my life.So what if I succeed?So what if I can marry a nice guy?It’s hard to be happy that my mother won’t be able to see that.”

A child without a mother is like a duckweed without roots.

Sad, can not lie in her arms;

When you’re successful, don’t share it with her.

“If only I could turn back time…” she cried onstage.

Yes, if only I could turn back time.

You can buy your mom a big house, take her on a trip to Thailand and show her what the heater looks like.

Then we can pay back everything we owe her.