Second child, child, early education

Erish the child before the age of three days!

You’ve been working hard all day. Rest your eyes.Silent tears.

Second child, child, early education

Almost. You haven’t read a single book today.

Quiet sobs.

No, look at the time!Ao the cry.

Second Brother: Mom, what does a lollipop taste like?

Strawberry, lemon.

Mom, eat one. I’ll eat one. I like strawberries best.

Smiling at you.Mom, strawberries are delicious.I’ve never tasted lemon before, Mom. Have you?

Don’t eat candy. It’s bad for your teeth.

Mom, I’ll just lick it and give it to you.Is the lemon yellow?I like yellow best.

Each of us had quarreled with Xiao Zhang during the long time we spent with our two children.

He was always like, I know you don’t like me, and can’t get rid of me, make me feel hopeless.

I have mixed feelings about my eight-year-old boss, “love and hate”.

Each of us would pick Jimmy up and hold him tight for a while when he made us smoke.

Jimmy has a sweet mouth and it’s healing.

First brother dies, second brother lives.

This is the truest feeling I’ve had as a second child in the past few years.

Some people say, you say so, is obviously biased ah.Eccentric?

When the eldest brother pushed the toys into a mountain, everything was the best.

To the second brother here, underwear are left by the elder brother, saving and environmental protection.

I sometimes think that the eldest child is the master of work and the second is the master of character, which may have a lot to do with our attitude towards our two children.

Therefore, in a two-child family, we are more willing to let go of the first child, while for the second child, we are more willing to take over. This will be a balance.

In any case, the process of raising a child is a practice.

Feng Tang once said: There are only two kinds of people who are naturally likable.One is children, children under three years old, regardless of men and women, no matter what kind of look, are lovely.And then there’s the other group, girls in their 18, 19, 20’s.

So raise a boy, cherish the child before the age of three days!