Second child, child, early education

The reason is very simple, brother why not study

Boss: This thing is mine!Only take me!Mother loves me the most!

Brother 2: Can I play with it?Can you take me there?Mom loves me, too!

Boss: Everything is mine.Brother 2: As long as there’s mine.

The eldest brother bought a toy car when he was a child

Second child, child, early education

The eldest brother’s life for a long time was without reference.

When a younger sibling is born, they tend to look to what their parents want from their younger siblings as a guide.

So when we ask our oldest siblings to match their age, their first response is often, “Why?”“It’s not fair!

For example, when it comes to learning things, the boss can’t mention it.

The reason is very simple, brother why not study!

The second child loves to study very much, because they know that if they don’t study, they will be criticized by their mother just like their elder brother.

Try to read even if you can’t read.

One morning, because of the study thing, I said a few words to Xiao Zhang.

When Xiao Zhang came to the living room, Jimmy, who was eating, said, “Brother, did your mother say something about you?Why don’t you love learning?

Are you still your brother’s friend?If so, you’ll avenge me, won’t you?

Jimmy said earnestly, No, Mother will teach me!

That’s the gap!

The eldest is bad at reading, the second is simply gifted.

Jimmy would shut up early or walk away when the old man had apparently glued “I’ve had enough, I’m going to explode” to his face.

And Zhang would jump up and sing loudly:

My dad loves to eat shit. He eats 10 pieces of shit a day.

The eldest brother gets so much attention that he often gets a little melodramatic.The second brother did not have what attention, easygoing and cheerful, will give their own comfort, adaptability is particularly strong.

Play games together, the boss often can only win, lost on all kinds of unhappy, crying.

Old two?No problem, as long as brother you happy, you take me to play on the line.

And a few little brothers together play roughshod, also completely not angry.

To play in the children’s home, Xiao Zhang all kinds of chairs feel uncomfortable ah, the bowls and chopsticks are not mine.

Jimmy, on the other hand, sat in the children’s dining chair and ate from beginning to end.

The second child is a born communicator, the oldest only knows one thing — cry.

Boss: I’m going to build Lego.