Correct education can make children better

Wish your child to become a dragon and your daughter to become a phoenix, this is the expectation of every parent.So, how to let the child’s better development, as a parent should how to correctly educate your child?Dear friends, if I ask you: you are so hard every day, running, tired, money.

What are you doing for?Your answer may be many, but there must be an answer: for the children!Yes, for the children, everything for the children!However, when you get the material money, when you look back, you find that your child has a lot of problems. If you don’t develop in a good and high direction as you wish, what will you do?Do you feel like all your hard work is in vain and meaningless?

Parents should know that love should have “degree”!Spoil is a dirty river, especially love at the cost of money, like a dirty sea, drowned the child that little pure heart.

Spoil is always a river without a dam, “breach” is really too easy, as long as the storm hit, the tide, “break the dam” is an inevitable thing!So, love to have a degree!

It is common to hear some parents say: “My children get along with others, how better than we do parents get along?”I’m sorry to hear that, and I feel sorry for the parents.

The child is your pregnancy was born in October, the parents are the most close to the child, why your children do not want to be intimate with you?In fact, it is lack of communication and communication.And communication is not a one – on – one discussion!That’s not sweet.

There are many ways: for example, I have a habit of talking about their school with my son on the way to the station.Find the problem, solve the problem and learn something about him in an easy-going and natural atmosphere.When he had gone and understood what he was thinking, he would freely say a lot without concealing it.

Sometimes some things happen on the road, combined with these things will also explore the child’s perspective and mentality is what.

Parents can choose a natural and casual atmosphere to communicate with your child, you will find that the child’s heart has a lot of ideas for you do not know, waiting for you to understand!You will also know what you think your children don’t know, but they do!You will also know more about the child, and the child will be closer to your heart!

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  1. Hope children also want to be reasonable, can not impose their own will on children, the building Lord’s article inspired very much.

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