Children, education, second children

This is known as the “birthstep effect” 

It’s winter vacation.

This winter vacation of 2021 comes more than usual, well, neither too early nor too late.

Because it is not easy to calculate, the past year of school is intermittent.

Children, education, second children

Last year, when I was running a home school, I realized one thing very deeply:

Studying doesn’t make your mother happy. Going to school does!

But the reality is harsh.

Originally small zhang (brother) at ordinary times to go to school, put winter vacation tutorial class, winter camp wishful thinking, in this year is no play.

I was faced with a new type of chicken and rabbit cage problem that was even more difficult than the classic Mathematical Olympiad problem.

Xiao Zhang is a rabbit and Jimmy (brother) is a chicken, living together every day.

Eldest brother makes demon at home, thing of not line.

A headache for a while, a pain in the butt for a while, drink water for a while, go to the toilet for a while, really bored on the brother.

I discovered that “study” was the root of all his discomforts and discomforts.

Every day I wrote out what I wanted to do on a whiteboard, and then I ran out of the house like a wild horse.Nothing is as good as your desk during the summer vacation.

The second brother lives in the cracks every day.

Able to bend and stretch, measure the situation, eat a loss, sell Meng, to win over the hearts of all.

For example, I was in my room the other day when I heard Zhang say to Jimmy as he was leaving the house, “Bye, stupid!

Jimmy said, “Well, I know, you really meant to say, Goodbye, little Jimmy!”

Afterward, Jimmy said to me, Mom, he really meant goodbye, little fool.

Then the innocent little eyes looked at me: mom, little Zhang is not the hand owes the mouth cheap?

You see, compared with Xiao Zhang, Jimmy is the real deal!

In order to play with his older brother, Jimmy often said, “My brother treats me the best” against his will.But every day “bear”, his mood may be heavy, so recently lost a lot of weight.

Some people say that the boss is so stupid not to pull a few.

Is that true?

Come on, let’s smack us in the face with scientific data.

Researchers from the US, Germany and Norway compared tens of thousands of volunteers and found that firstborns had IQs up to three percentage points higher than second-borns.

And there is evidence that older children have larger vocabularies and are generally better at abstract thinking.