The charm of Chinese culture on Dong Qing

It’s like an export instinct

For Dong Qing, it was like an instinct to export.

This ability comes not only from her hosting experience and personal efforts,

It also comes from her good habit of reading poetry and books since childhood,

And, of course, from her very strict father

The charm of Chinese culture on Dong Qing

Dong Qing’s parents were both top students at Fudan University,

Her father, in particular, attached great importance to her Chinese education.

When she was young, her father asked dong Qing to copy idioms and ancient poems every day. He also asked her to read them aloud and recite them by heart.A little bigger, and let her copy the ancient text.Only then did dong Qing develop his profound literary accomplishment.

Under the education of her father, Dong Qing, who only went to grade four in primary school, jumped two grades and entered middle school.

Dong Qing’s father is a real tiger dad. In his opinion, children should exercise more.As a result, Dong Qing had to work as a cleaner in a hotel every winter and summer vacation from her first year in high school to her third year in high school.

Dong’s father was so strict that many of the rules seemed inhuman.Dong Qing did not understand when she was young, but felt that she was not her parents’ biological child.

For example, his father’s strict education, on the one hand, let Dong Qing grow up quickly;

On the other hand, it also makes her feel inferior when she is excellent.

This often appears the inferiority, let Dong Qing dare not have the slightest relaxation.So she had to give a lot, but she did get into the habit of giving everything her all.

Dong Qing’s language training started from her father’s uncompromising high requirement for her daughter, but it was the “wealth” brought by reading that finally made her fall in love with reading.

This wealth is a lifelong habit of learning and a spiritual abundance that transcends wealth, allowing you to keep your home in the midst of fierce competition.

So, even though everyone speaks Chinese, once you open your mouth, your knowledge reserve, literary accomplishment, temperament and culture will be revealed, and even can change the appearance and appearance of a person’s impression.

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