This kind of "three cows" courses of "university cow"

University of the United Kingdom Niu Duben major-exercise high work skills

The British master’s program is characterized by improving the employability and practicality of students. There are many courses that can match the domestic related industries which are in a period of rising development and the demand for employment is large.

This kind of "three cows" courses of "university cow"

This kind of “three cows” courses of “university cow”, “curriculum cow” and “development cow” are worthy of being taken by more students as the goal of studying.

The editor is also here to take you to explore the emerging master’s programs of British universities that can be said to be “three cattle”.

There are many business students studying abroad every year, and the types of subdivisions are different, but they still cannot meet the huge demand for jobs each year. Business is subdivided into 7 categories, but after graduation, there are very few who can enter banks, securities, and funds to engage in ideal financial work and obtain ideal income.

University of Exeter-Financial Analysis&Fund Management
University of Exeter-Financial Analysis&Fund Management

Exeter’s financial analysis and investment management are a good example of actual combat + guidance. This course is biased towards the financial and banking management modules. Through quantitative analysis skills training, financial laboratory practice and CFA investment research challenges and exam learning, it is truly integrated and pave the way for ideals.

University of Bath-Finance

All students preparing to study finance, please be sure to ask yourself: “Why do you choose finance? Which subdivision do you want to do?” Although everyone likes money, as a future career, a strong internal driving force will be an important aspect of supporting personal growth.

Some people may ask, why is studying finance at the University of Bath so awesome? Because of the students’ thinking mode, economic literacy and public literacy, under the teaching mode that Bath advocates multi-angle thinking and comprehensive analysis, they have entered a broader field of knowledge. When others are talking about policy, finance students may have seen its causes and principles, and can even predict the consequences based on conditions.

“Think Ambitious”, the simple slogan of the School of Management at the University of Bath, is to let students define themselves.

University of Liverpool-Financial Technology

It seems that until now, no one can really define how much content Fintech covers. Simply put, the traditional financial system faces many problems that are difficult to improve, and Fintech is a good way to solve these problems.

my country’s traditional financial industry generally uses complete sets of systems and software from foreign third-party companies, and the system design is backward and costly. With the development of science and technology, technologies such as cloud computing, distributed systems, and mobile computing have replaced traditional solutions on a large scale. my country has also taken a solid step on the road of independent research and development. This business field urgently needs more talents to join and develop. The University of Liverpool’s financial technology covers almost all current directions in this field, and students can choose their own strengths and conduct in-depth research during their studies. The good employment environment in Liverpool city itself can provide more internship opportunities for students to study.

Cardiff University-Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering of Cardiff University is a comprehensive course that integrates mathematics, mechanics, surveying and architecture. If the master chooses civil engineering, then you must clarify the employment direction. Cardiff’s expertise includes bridge engineering, geotechnical engineering, road engineering and other aspects.

Today’s civil engineering is in the transition period of the industry, but the transition means that a new market choice-green, environmentally friendly buildings has become a new topic, which is precisely the new direction Cardiff University has achieved good results in recent years. Engineering and commercial project management is also one of the learning directions of this course. “Become a high-level technical and managerial talent engaged in civil and architectural planning and architectural design”-If such a learning goal is recognized, Cardiff University is one of the choices worth considering.

York University-Biotechnology

Some time ago, the news that 720 projects in the field of biotechnology raised a total of US$24.3 billion in 2020 attracted too many eyeballs. During the epidemic, the medical and health market in various regions bucked the trend, and it is expected that this positive trend will continue for at least 5-10 years.

Although York is always regarded as a liberal arts college, the biology aspect really cannot be underestimated. Its characteristic is to directly apply biotechnology to industrial processes and change the biological manufacturing industry. For example, under the background of frequent appearance of multi-drug resistant bacteria, leading the world’s research and development of new antibiotics; for example, under the background of population aging, research on the recovery of physiological strain and anti-aging mechanism; treatment of genetic diseases, etc.

It can be said that York already has considerable strength in this rapidly developing field, and it is possible to turn more science fiction complexes into reality.

University of Bristol-Innovation&Entrpreneurship

Some people think that innovation and entrepreneurship are easy. As long as they have good ideas and investment, they will become the next wave of the next era. Some people think that innovation and entrepreneurship are too difficult. It is better to find a good job, but they are anxious about being a tool in the enterprise. Substitutability. At this time, business thinking and positioning are extremely important. How to find demand? How to understand, split and recognize things to help enterprises or projects grow rapidly? How to achieve effective communication in a modern business environment? These abilities may require a graduate to have worked in the workplace for 5 years before they can understand.

Therefore, the editor believes that in addition to students who want to start a business and obtain financing opportunities, students who really want to exercise their business skills and become high-level management talents in enterprises should choose this course.

Anglia Ruskin University-Computer Games

Who doesn’t know the fire of computer games? Although some people will confuse computer games with software engineering, the fact is that Computer Gaming can do software, but software engineering generally does not teach game programming.

Whether they are attracted by the cool film and television synthesis technology, or want to be good at media animation, or do game design, execution planning, students can find a suitable learning direction at ARU. Every year the largest student computer game festival in Europe is held at ARU; Cambridge’s unique industrial advantages have attracted students from almost all industry leaders who are not well-known to come to cooperate.

All in all, ARU is building a bridge for students’ dreams: when they see their games being played seriously and studying how to pass them; when they are evaluated by their peers as “very interesting”; When the work is finally optimistic about the commercial company… the students here are all on the way to pursue their dreams.

Loughborough University-Artificial Intelligence

According to a recent survey by O’Reilly, more than one-sixth of the respondents said that it is difficult to hire and retain staff with AI skills, and it is also difficult for their organizations to adopt AI. From “Little X Little X”, “Little X Classmates”, to AI doorbells and the door guard function of a certain Sla; from e-commerce data collection to financial services applications, although it is extremely scary to think carefully, humans cannot do without AI Up.

Loughborough University has started to carry out corresponding research years ago, but only in the past two years has it broken down the specific course of AI. Although it has been established for a short time, there have been many successful research results that can be commercialized. With the extremely close connection between the School of Engineering of Loughborough University and the company, students are really not afraid of not having good projects and good mentors.

University of Southampton-Electrical and Electronic Engineering

EEE has always been one of the traditional options for studying abroad. Most of the trained talents are specialized technical talents. The prospects are relatively positive whether they are returning to China or working in the UK. This course has a strong interdisciplinary nature. Nan’an itself has strong semiconductor physics and electromagnetic directions as support. Optical fiber communication is the originator, and there are more opportunities to dig into the direction of interest. The university invests up to 100 million pounds in clean rooms and several million pounds in teaching facilities, which can be used by students. The engineering industry is inseparable from the cooperation and support of the company. The leading companies in the industry such as ARM, Intel, and Imagination have established close support with the Nan’an engineering discipline. In addition, universities set up special posts to increase contact between students and employers.