How to make children face violence?

How to make children face violence?

How to make children face violence?
Henan Jiao makes high school student wang mou hand rescued the female classmate that is met with indecency, injure indecency person, cause nose after smashing sex fracture, because be suspected of intentional injure crime to be arrested, who knows hit person incident, be urge to drop out of school by the school!

High school student wang mou in order to save a person, just shot to hurt indecent person, this is the behavior of a righteous man, the school exhorts to withdraw to learn, did let the boy see the seriousness of the matter, not to help?

In recent years, school violence continues to exist, in different forms and degrees, which not only affects school education, but also harms the health and growth of students.

Schools are supposed to be positive and healthy places, but student violence can be a nightmare for victims of violence and can leave permanent psychological scars.

When dealing with student violence, many schools choose to avoid or erase it, for fear of causing panic among students or damaging the school’s reputation.

However, this is unfair to the parties involved and can’t solve the problem of violence in a reasonable way. It will only make students resent and commit more bad behaviors in the future. Therefore, the school should strengthen the awareness of law in education so that children can grow up healthfully within the legal scope.

School is a place to educate people, only in a healthy and positive way, there will be more people like school, and quick education, is also spread from abroad in recent years, what is happy education.

“Spencer’s Happiness Education” proposes that when a child is in an unhappy mood, his intelligence and potential will be greatly reduced. Yelling and finger-pointing will not lead to good results.

The purpose of education is to make children a happy person, and the means and methods of education should also be happy.

How to make children face violence?
And early education is the best way, science has proved that the brain development period is 0-3 years old, in this stage can form the future intelligence, emotion, movement, if at this stage let the child accept more happy education, will bring different character to the child.

The early education model of Dingdang School Early Education Box is the expert team of child psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with the education expert team of Peking University, Fudan University and the education team of the Central Academy of Drama. It has lasted for 5 years. According to the physiological and psychological characteristics of children aged 3-6, the curriculum advanced system of scientific research and development to improve children’s emotional intelligence, expression and thinking is developed.

Early education videos, early education cards, early education picture books and early education props can not only solve the problems of parents in early education, but also let children play in middle school with the method of happy education, which can not only improve the enthusiasm of children, but also let children have more fun in learning.

Education of children is not a short period of time, during the growth of children, the mentality of every day will be different, only parents continue to change the way of education and methods, in order to let children grow up on the way to harvest more.