There are 4 intervals of CET-6 scores

There are 4 intervals of CET-6 scores

There are 4 intervals of CET-6 scores
Many high school students, for the college life and study are very yearning, especially for the senior three students, this year’s learning pressure is very big. Many students hope that after going to college, they can get a certain freedom, and there is no head teacher in college, and they can do whatever they want out of the sight of their parents.

However, universities are not absolutely free. Although there is no head teacher, they are still managed by counselors. Moreover, the school rules in universities are very strict. And the university period is still better good study, improve their knowledge reserve.

A certificate that students can apply for while at university

Computer Rank Certificate

The university period is the time to improve the knowledge reserve, and there are many certificates that can be applied for, such as the certificate of computer level. If this certificate is a computer professional student, then it is very important, but also must apply for down, but with the continuous development of computer technology.

Now even if it is not a computer major students, if there is this certificate, then the employment after graduation will have more advantages, so the students during the period of school will try to test this certificate under the class.

Major related certificates

Professional related certificates are also very important, fresh graduates did not pass the experience, this time to choose employment, then the most can prove the strength and ability of students, is professional related certificates, so this certificate as far as possible before graduation from the university to register down, to prevent employment problems.

CET-4 and CET-6 certificate

CET-4 and CET-6 certificates can only be applied during the university period, and students have no chance to apply again after graduation. So students must get this certificate down early. And English CET-4 and CET-6 is also a certain difficulty, the sooner you can take the exam, you can save some time for the arrival of the graduation season.

The 4 interval of English six levels achievement, take an examination of grind second examination influence is very big, individual college requirement is different

And English CET-4 and CET-6 is also very important, because if the certificate is taken down, then students themselves can bring some advantages, especially students who want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, whether it is in fighting for postgraduate protection, or in the re-examination of postgraduate entrance examination, can bring some advantages.

First of all, students must know that the scores of CET4 and CET6 are divided into different sections, especially CET6, because CET4 is less difficult, but CET6 is more difficult. If you can get a higher score, it will be very helpful for students later.

First of all, the first interval is the passing area of 425 points to 450 points, if the student’s results are in this interval, then it is passed, also is the English six levels have been taken down. This range is also the minimum threshold for CET-6, which is the basic guarantee for students to pass CET-6.

The second range is 450 to 500 minutes, cet6 score can achieve this score, so basically you can gain some advantages, especially when one’s deceased father grind second-round exam, the range of scores have certain help, such as philosophy of fudan university, Shanghai finance and economics, etc., are all students can reach the fractional line.

There are 4 intervals of CET-6 scores
The third range is between 500 and 580 points. If a student’s score can reach this standard, then it is to some extent a proof of their English ability. And in the time of postgraduate admission, if the student’s performance is in this range, then basically have this requirement, is from the School of Economics of Zhejiang University, Fudan University Law School and Peking University Business School.

The fourth interval is more than 580 points, it is very difficult to achieve this interval, and it can also prove that the students’ English performance is very excellent, if the students are English major, then whether in the postgraduate entrance examination reexamination or postgraduate admission, there are a lot of advantages.

How can students improve their English scores during college

Because CET-4 and CET-6 are very important, if students want to pass the exam smoothly during the school period, then they should pay attention to accumulation. After many students go to college, they begin to relax their English study, but after all, English is a language subject, if they relax for a long time, then it will be more difficult to pass the exam.

Therefore, after the first year, students should also pay attention to the learning and accumulation of English, and can also participate in the school’s English community, and students learn English together, then the mutual supervision of English results must be improved. And students should also pay attention to the practice of speaking and listening, so that they can successfully pass CET-4 and CET-6.

To the Students:

If students want to pass the CET-4 and CET-6 exams, the most important thing is to study hard. If students want to take the postgraduate entrance exam, they should try to pass the CET-4 and CET-6 exams. And the higher the score, the more beneficial it is for students, and they should study hard during college.