Chinese results can't go up?

Chinese results can’t go up?

Chinese results can't go up?
The essay of the college entrance examination is a hot topic every year. If a high school student can complete a high-level essay, it will also become the object of attention among many students.

First, the topic – indifferent

Although in recent years the university entrance exam composition with “topic composition” or “new” material composition, broad, do not set the topic, but not want to write what just write what, want to write how to write, still need to be within the scope of the given topic, the material on the topic to write, do not throw topics, a different approach to “find”. Otherwise, it will be beside the point, away from the topic. For example, the essay of the college entrance examination “must cross this obstacle”, should firmly grasp the “must”, “cross”, “obstacle” and other “eyes” to examine the topic, but also focus on, dig out the “obstacle” of the extended meaning, metaphorical meaning.

Evasion: to strengthen the subject examination training, in view of the topic “word differentiation”, focus on the “eye”, especially for philosophical propositions, involving dialectical relations, but also to in-depth analysis of the deep connotation of the topic. The more detailed, accurate and thorough the subject is, the wider, deeper and broader the idea will be.

Two, into the topic – thousands of calls

The college entrance examination composition because of word number, time limit, can not write too much, but there are quite a lot of candidates tend to appear “into the problem of slow”, a lot of nonsense, the content of one pawn ten is not called out. Citation of raw materials or optional content takes up a lot of space, the key parts can not be developed.

Avoidance: see more famous short beautiful article, for my use, in the “actual combat” to find inadequacies, sum up experience.

Three, buckle the topic – dragonfly water

Some candidates write a composition, from beginning to end there is no topic, topic keywords or similar expressions with the topic, made the wrong buckle not tight, can not see is to give a specific “topic” or “new material composition” and write the article, so the score is not ideal.

Avoid: keep in mind when writing “test outline” on the composition of a specific requirements, in accordance with the standard to do, recall the teacher’s relevant exhortation and teaching method.

Four, the idea – mediocrity morbid

An article with original ideas, clever ideas and positive themes is undoubtedly what anyone can dream of. Unfortunately, some students in the examination room in order to pursue the so-called novelty, even write a bizarre article. Such as some students in “if memory can be transplanted” so write: “I want to transplant Einstein’s brain, for their own rich……” Because the thought style is not high, not in line with the college entrance examination composition “ideological health” requirements, reduce the composition grade.

Avoid: establish a correct outlook on life, world view and values, break through directional thinking and linear thinking, and turn to reverse thinking and divergent thinking. The perspective is unique, unexpected and reasonable.

Five, the selection of materials – old pale

Some students’ composition materials are old and pale, lacking a sense of weight. Or a narrative of an event, a skeleton without flesh and blood; Or discuss a truth, view + example + conclusion, lack of analysis and less demonstration; Or even examples are not, toss and turn, empty talk rambling, write where calculate where, gather enough words for the principle.

Avoidance: Accumulate material. One is to continue to collect fresh materials during this period of high school year, and choose to remember some famous sayings; The second is to put the “inventory” for a long time sorted screening, choose to be used for writing quality materials outline.

6. Language — It’s hard to understand

Some candidates like to use abbreviations, English words, network language, in fact, this is to take a certain risk. Some reading teachers are very disgusted with this kind of language, it will be harmful to the candidates. The requirements of the college entrance examination syllabus for the composition are fluency of language, appropriate words, and expressive sentences. Therefore, the examinee should try to use beautiful, connotation of the language to express the meaning, to use the most standard, the most traditional language to write, had better not use or less network language.

Avoid: try not to use network language or a few people know the meaning of the language when writing.

7. Form — sameness

Writing in the examination room is a matter of great importance. Not only the content should be brilliant, but also the form should not stick to one style, so that the content and form complement each other and are perfectly unified, so as to get high marks. However, the teacher found in the correction of the composition, the form of innovation is very few, mostly the same, familiar “old faces”, which should be paid attention to, especially the students with strong writing ability, not because of the form of “inappropriate” and should not lose the points should not be lost.

Avoidance: the use of inscription, postscript, speech, interview records, diary, epistolary, subtitle and other novel forms to interpret the idea, to express the intention.

8. Style — specious

The article that some students write seems to belong to the style of “four unlike”, thus reading the paper teacher is difficult to understand, grasp such article, judge mark to have controversy. So, generally speaking, it is better to be clear in style.

Avoidance: in terms of the college entrance examination composition, it is best to use more narrative (narrative), prose (record, lyric), argumentative three common forms, less use or do not use poetry, drama, classical Chinese and other genres.

Nine, the end of the chapter – anticlimactic

Some students did not allocate enough time to answer the question, so that there was not enough time left for them to write the essay. Some candidates did not have time to finish the essay, and the result was cut off with a sentence, or a series of ellipses were dotted, or simply left blank. In either case, it is considered unfinished processing. Because read the stand or fall that the teacher measures an article, it is to see the whole of the article above all, the article of anticlimatize should be deducted points.

Avoidance: candidates usually to train their ability to write a complete composition in about 45~60 minutes, the final composition handed in anyway should be a complete composition structure.

Ten, the paper – scribbled and changed

It is the computer to read now, the handwriting is fuzzy, scan is not clear to be able to lose information, the teacher sees hard to be able to affect the score undoubtedly. We have all had the feeling that a neatly written, neatly written composition is pleasing to the eye and instantly increases our impression; And scribbled, altered to illegible answer paper, virtually will be more than a few points. If there is a succession of wrong characters in the college entrance examination composition, it will be considered that the Chinese foundation is too poor, and the score will be greatly reduced. In 2008, the college entrance examination of the composition of the higher requirements for wrong words, some provinces have stipulated that every wrong word deducted a point, should be paid special attention to.

Avoid: develop good writing habits, do not know the word, the word to look up the dictionary, the dictionary.

Chinese results can't go up?
The college entrance examination writing part, many candidates will touch the writing minefield, resulting in a drop in scores, then, what is the scoring standard of the college entrance examination composition? Let’s take a look!

Detailed rules for scoring standard of college entrance examination composition

(1) Basic level

1, the basic level of content and expression of the two, the basic level of scoring, with the topic, content, language, style as the focus, comprehensive measurement.

2. The key point of the content item (20 points) is the meaning and content of the question.

3, for the content to consider comprehensively, although the grasp of the material in line with the question, but the article is not good, the center is basically clear, the content is thin, the feelings of the basic real, can be scored in the third class.

4. Attention should be paid to the authenticity of the evidence in the exam paper. If it is made up, or there are obvious mistakes, or it cannot support the viewpoints of the article, the points should be deducted appropriately.

5. The expression item (20 points) focuses on the composition structure, language, style, paper, etc., but also requires comprehensive consideration.

(2) Development grade (20 points)

The Basis Rank should match the Development Rank, and the Development Rank should not cross the Basis Rank.

1. In principle, the development grade points are given according to the level of content or expression. For example, content is second class, expression is third class, and development grade can be given second class.

2. The development level is generally not given a score below the content or expression. For example, the content level is first, the expression level is second, and the development level is generally given a score of first or second.

3, the development level in the content to give points on the basis of, generally do not cross to give points, such as content three, the development level can not give points in the first.

4. If the content is in Grade IV, the “Development Level” can give 1 or 2 points; Truly for plagiarism, “development level” does not give points.

Development rating. Not comprehensive, according to the “characteristics” in the 4 16 points in a number of outstanding points according to the same score.

1. Profound: It is enlightening to see the essence through the phenomenon and reveal the internal causality of things

2, rich: rich materials, sufficient evidence, rich image and profound artistic conception

3, literary talent: appropriate words, flexible sentences, good at using rhetorical devices and expressive sentences

4, creative: insights, new materials, fresh ideas, ingenious reasoning and imagination have unique personality characteristics


Other items about the composition of the assessment

(1) Points deducted for evaluation

If there is a wrong word, one wrong word will be deducted 1 point, and the repetition will not be counted, until the end of the deduction of 5 points; If more than 3 punctuation errors occur, points will be deducted. For less than 50 words, 1 point will be deducted. No title deducted 2 points.

(2) incomplete evaluation

1. For articles with more than 400 words, score according to the scoring standard and deduct the number of words. (1 point for less than 50 words)

2. For articles with no more than 400 words, scores below 20 points will not be deducted.

3. For articles with no more than 200 words, the score is less than 10 points, and the number of words will not be deducted.

4, only write one or two sentences, give 1 or 2 points, do not evaluate 0 points.

5, only write the title, give 1 or 2 points, do not evaluate 0 points.

6, completely blank, rating 0 points.

The essay in the college entrance examination accounts for a large part of the Chinese score, and it is really difficult to improve the composition substantially in the final stage. In the basic understanding of the college entrance examination composition scoring criteria, a lot of practice at the beginning of various modes of composition, I believe that we can achieve a certain degree of success.

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