Add new recruits to the Education Carrier

Add new recruits to the Education Carrier

Add new recruits to the Education Carrier
The establishment ceremony of shenzhen futian district li garden foreign languages education group li yuen playground in foreign language primary school tianjiao campus, this is the fourth futian district high standards for the future of brand education group, is futian district innovation collectivize school-running mode, speed up development district school into high quality track, enlarge the coverage and benefited range high quality education resources, the important measures for promoting “learning YouJiao”.

Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, Municipal Party Committee of the Education Leading Group leader Wang Qiang, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Education Wang Shuifa, Deputy Secretary of the Futian District Committee, District Mayor Huang Wei and other leaders attended.

Forming the “one group six campuses” education pattern

Liyuan Foreign Language Primary School, founded in September 2004, is the first public foreign language primary school in Futian District. The establishment of Liyuan Foreign Language Education Group is an important measure taken by Futian District Committee and District Government to promote the quality and balanced development of education. It not only meets the needs of the people in the district for the quality education public service, but also is an opportunity for the school to independently develop, improve and realize the leap-forward development.

Li yuen playground of the new foreign language education group by li li yuen playground park foreign language primary school, foreign language primary school (checkpoint), li (tianjiao), li garden foreign language primary school of foreign language primary school (shiling), li garden foreign language primary school li yuen playground (water) and foreign language primary school (shennan), form the school-running pattern of “a group of six campus”.

Liu Zhongping, principal of Liyuan Foreign Language Education Group, said in his speech that Liyuan Foreign Language Primary School adheres to the educational philosophy of “following the nature of trees, leading to the nature of nature” and insists on “educating children in their hearts”. The group will implement the management mode of “Party committee leadership, education integration, department group integration, campus responsible”, according to the five principles of “excellent” with “potential”, unified mode, common development, characteristic development and so on, and strive to build a high quality and balanced development community, for Shenzhen, for Futian high quality collectivized school to provide foreign experience.

As the central urban area of Shenzhen, Futian District has been carrying 10% of the city’s population and providing 10% of the city’s basic education degrees with 4% of the city’s land area. This time, Futian District established the fourth future-oriented brand education group — Liyuan Foreign Language Education Group, which is an important milestone of the group education in Futian District, and also a “gift of people’s livelihood” for the Spring Festival of the Ox.

We will accelerate the quality and balanced development of education in different regions

On the same day, a keynote report was also held on the theme of “Accelerating the Quality and Balanced Development of Regional Education”. Zhang Jian, the general principal of Hongling Education Group, and Liu Zhongping, the general principal of Liyuan Foreign Language Education Group, respectively made a wonderful sharing entitled “New Group Education from Quality to Excellence” and “Quality and Balanced Education Yearning”.

Tian Hongming, director of Futian District Education Bureau, said that the establishment of Liyuan Foreign Language Education Group is a result of The Times, a historical choice and an irresistible trend. Foton Education always adheres to the principle of “People’s Livelihood First” and sticks to the original aspiration of education to satisfy the people. In recent years, Futian Education has been aiming for first-class education, seeking for reform, aiming at creating a fairer and more high-quality education. Adhering to the problem-oriented and goal-oriented approach, Futian Education has steadily promoted the development of education collectivism, innovated the school-running mode, broke through inter-school barriers, narrowed inter-school differences, realized complementary advantages, and promoted the high-quality and balanced development of education.

Fukuda new 30 years, the new mission, new task, Mr Fukuda education will be in accordance with the district party committee, the district government’s deployment, adhere to the “wake up, go up,” yan, with the thought of “chess” coordination, overcome difficult, take out, education, people struggle, constantly promote the development of high quality education career, built by inking competitiveness, creativity and influential global benchmark urban area pioneer contribution wisdom and strength.

We will accelerate the development of collectivized education

Education is a major livelihood undertaking to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.

In recent years, futian district continuously deepening the reform of education supply side, crack development difficult problem, in the spirit of reform and innovation to promote the quality and scale of the “double increase”, not only through the implementation of the “+” + “colleges” “+” schools and other action to promote the balanced development of the regional education quality, and established the first school brand creation alliance “village inside city, 17 village schools promote comprehensive quality upgrade. In addition, it took the lead in setting up think tanks of education institutes at the county and district levels in the province, and established a series of affiliated primary and secondary schools based on the think tanks, forming a pattern of “one institute with many schools” integrating education research and education practice. In December 2020, Futian District also established Shenzhen’s first AI-enabled teaching experimental school alliance, with 17 schools becoming the first batch of members.

It is understood that in order to optimize the layout, foundation education resources to further expand the supply of high quality education resources, futian district will speed up the pace of development education collectivization, the next 3-5 years, Mr Fukuda will be in accordance with the “radiation a batch, forming a batch of, foster a batch of, incubation of a batch of” train of thought, and cultivate new 3-5 excellent primary and secondary school education group, futian district collectivization school campus coverage will be above 60%.