Senior three students are reported to have broken

Senior three students are reported to have broken

Senior three students are reported to have broken
In four months, senior students will go to the college entrance examination. College Entrance Examination is the most important exam in one’s life. It carries personal dreams and family hopes, and it is also a review of the school’s teaching achievements. Therefore, whether it is senior three students, parents, or schools, the pressure before the college entrance examination is always as heavy as a mountain.

Although review prepare for an examination of the nervous air is suffocating, but still have a big heart of high three students “in the busy” to play small actions and even sleep in the classroom, this kind of lazy learning attitude also makes the school care-laden.

Therefore, Hebi High School strengthened the classroom management. During the class, teachers on duty were sent to inspect the corridors of the teaching building to record students’ disciplinary behaviors in class and reported them on the school’s official account, aiming to strengthen the classroom management responsibility of teachers and reverse the style of study.

According to the results of the report, infractions during class included putting on hand cream, eating snacks and carrying smart phones. More infractions were sleeping during class or exams.

After the notice was issued, many students did not approve of the school’s practice, and sparked heated discussion among netizens, many of whom thought the school’s practice was inappropriate.

Hebi High School later issued a notice, said the grade in the case of improper methods, management is not standard problems, will improve the school’s management system, to prevent such incidents.

Senior three students are reported to have broken
Hebi high school in the end is this simple and crude or strict fine management? Is it normal teaching management or lack of humanistic care? Netizens differ in their opinions.

The author collected representative views of several netizens:

Netizen “Quheyan”, a teacher, said: “The announcement is not allowed in classroom teaching, as for making a mountain out of a molehill, it is true. But the subtleties show the spirit, the subtleties show the effect. Only by preventing minor problems can we prevent the occurrence of major problems.


Netizen “Plato senper” thinks: the most fundamental problem is that the score is the ultimate goal of teaching, so anything that is not conducive to improving the score is forbidden, no matter whether it is against the original intention of human nature and education!


The matter has also attracted the attention of xinhuanet, a comment: education “cleanliness” is not good. Some of the child’s bad tendency, can remind education, reasonable guidance, there is no need on the outline line to do disciplinary notice. China’s Education Law and other laws and regulations also have clear stipulations on what schools should manage and how they should manage. Education aims to cultivate people by virtue. We should adhere to students’ dominant position, follow the rules of education and students’ physical and mental development, and cultivate healthy people with all-round development, instead of relying on punishment to create obedient “robots”.


Netizen Hei Bumo said: If you are a first-line high school teacher, this notice is not too much. If you are a high school head teacher, this notice can be more severe. If these details are ignored in the three years of high school, it will ruin the youth and future of children, especially those who have no money, no power, no power and no connections!


As an old teacher, the author knows that the concept of education should keep pace with The Times. Because with the development of The Times, it is no longer the college entrance examination that all students regard as important and sacred as before, and the quality of students who bear hardships and stand hard work is also declining. While parents still value the gaokao, they focus more on the results than the preparation process. On the one hand, send high hopes at the child to take an unexpected happy result, on the other hand, do not give up the child too hard work.

And the teaching quality is the end result of all the work of the school, is the foundation of the school. Remember, last August, in front of the gate of Nanjing No. 1 Middle School, many parents gathered in the rain and shouted that the principal was dismissed because the school emphasized quality education and affected the results of the college entrance examination.