The charm of Chinese culture on Dong Qing

Dong Qing’s return to TV after 800 days is stunning

For 800 days,

Dong Qing finally returns to the CCTV screen.

The Reader is finally back, season 3

The long absence of Dong Qing, really too beautiful

The charm of Chinese culture on Dong Qing

Through winter, ushered in the spring

Go straight, there will always be light

The trailer for season 3 is really beautiful

Known as the “Fairy Trailer”

Intellectual and elegant, Dong Qing’s beauty never lies in her skin

If there is a book hidden in the heart, years never defeat beauty

In two episodes of the pilot, her show has been dubbed “Full Score Composition”.

She listened to Doctor Tao Yong’s story of Mrs. Wang, and slowly cleared the mist in her heart to see the warm dawn of the world.She talks to he Shuai, a “marathon fighter” against cancer, about what it means to “inherit your father’s business”;

As always, she struggled to complete a 72-hour nonstop live broadcast on the street, something few big-name hosts are willing to do.

In fact, Dong Qing, 47, is widely recognized and loved not for her looks but for her talent.From The Chinese Poetry Conference, The First Class of the New Semester, The Host Contest, to The Reader, her talent is often amazing, because the golden sentences that she blurts out are the brain responses developed by decades of Chinese immersion, thinking, and reasoning ability.

She has a profound Chinese background and literary accomplishment, is eloquent, modest and elegant, and never shows off her talent, which is the reason why everyone likes her.

Once a blind man came to take part in the Chinese Poetry Conference.

Dong Qing read on the spot a poem by Borges, a famous Argentine writer:

“Heaven has given me a vast sea of books,

And a pair of invisible eyes,

Even so,

I still secretly imagine,

Heaven should be like a library.”

A lot of people may not know,

Dong Qing’s real talent was not his ability to recite Borges’ verses.

It was that she knew that Borges had been blind since he was 50

And the contestant was a blind man

So she brings out the poem,

When the blind poet and the blind player join together,

There was a kind of intertextuality with the current state of the show,

This is a kind of accumulated language ability.

Dong Qing’s more classic improvisation was in the CCTV host competition, after a contestant’s monologue on “man and nature”, Dong Qing said a famous sentence, which directly hit the hot search —

“It’s all about balance…If we lose our balance, I’m sorry, there’s no winner.”

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