4 tips for teacher in charge to improve their own literacy

4 tips for teacher in charge to improve their own literacy

4 tips for teacher in charge to improve their own literacy
The head teacher is not only the class organizer, instructor, administrator, or class teaching coordinator, school and family communicator, shoulder the responsibility of promoting the healthy growth of students in an all-round way. The quality of teacher in charge directly affects the growth of class and students. The author believes that we can improve the quality of class teachers through the following ways.

Learn from excellent class teachers

Excellent head teachers are trained and grown up in long-term work practice, they often have superb management wisdom and personality charm, their education idea, management strategy, coordination ability, practical experience is a valuable wealth, worth learning from. When learning from excellent class teachers, we should combine the actual situation of class students and class development, apply the excellent management methods to our own class management appropriately, reform and innovate on the basis of reference, and form a management method suitable for our own class. According to their own needs, face-to-face communication and discussion with excellent head teachers, in the collision of thinking to improve their class management quality, is a good way to realize the change from operational skills to focus on the concept of education.

Peer mutual aid

Peer mutual aid includes three levels: between the head teacher and the head teacher, between the head teacher and the science teacher, and between the head teacher and the parents. In case of intractable problems, we can find out the best solution through the communication between the head teacher and the head teacher. The advantage of doing this is that we can break through the limitations of the head teacher and realize the sharing of practice and experience. When the students are difficult to educate, we can communicate with the teachers and make educational management plans on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of the students, so as to help the students grow up together. To treat the underachiever, the head teacher should coordinate with the parents actively, and be good at promoting the transformation of the students through the way of praising and encouraging.


Sukhomlinsky once said, “Read, read, read — this aspect of a teacher’s educational attainment depends on it.” Through reading, the head teacher can learn advanced education theories and methods, and through practice, into their own experience system. There is a head teacher in our school who reads 2 monographs a year, 3 magazines a month and 4 newspapers a week, and applies the knowledge he has learned to class management. Through professional reading, the head teacher has continuously improved the educational ideas and theories, and the class has been rated as an advanced class every year.

Activity experience

With the professional development of the head teacher, the training activities for the head teacher are increasing, the head teacher should make use of this opportunity to improve themselves. Through expert training, the head teachers can reflect on their own experience and methods systematically, and seek theoretical guidance for education management. Learning the way of leading a class and educating a person of an excellent teacher in charge, through the dialogue and communication down to earth, can help the teacher in charge to find out their own shortcomings, establish the direction of improvement, form their own management characteristics; Participating in class teachers’ salon activities, focusing on hot issues and brainstorming can help class teachers better improve themselves, develop themselves and improve themselves.