Bank spring recruit and autumn recruit

Bank spring recruit and autumn recruit

Bank spring recruit and autumn recruit
Recently, many students asked the teacher, what is the difference between the spring and autumn recruitment exam preparation? Today, the teacher will give you an analysis from the following aspects:

I. Number of Recruiters:

Compared with autumn recruitment, the number of spring recruitment is small, but the overall base is still relatively large, generally more than 20,000 people. In general, each year’s campus recruitment of commercial banks is divided into autumn recruitment and spring recruitment. Autumn recruitment is the main stage of contract labor, so the number of recruits is relatively large and the positions are relatively complete. The recruitment in spring is generally aimed at the supplementary recruitment stage when there were not enough positions or some new positions in the previous year. Therefore, the recruitment scale is relatively small, but overall, the total number of recruitment is still considerable. So the students who have the intention can pay attention to it in time.

2. Short preparation period:

According to the experience of preparing for the examination in the past years, autumn recruitment generally from the announcement to the written examination, the time interval of at least 1 and a half months, sometimes can reach about 2 and a half months (August to mid-October), but the five major lines of spring recruitment, generally at most 1 month interval (mid-March to mid-April). This also tells us that we should start to prepare for the exam actively now. If we want to cram for the exam, it must be too late.

III. Examination Form and Content:

In terms of the examination format, there are slight differences between the spring and autumn recruitment examinations: the autumn recruitment examination is organized by the bank headquarters, also known as the national examination. Relative to the spring recruitment, only part of the unified examination, part of the branch is the implementation of self-organized examination, which leads to the content and form of the examination will also have subtle differences. Students in the process of preparing for the exam, must be timely attention to the announcement, or encounter is not clear, do not understand the place can call the announcement in the telephone to consult.

From the examination content aspect, the written examination content also has the change: from the written examination question quantity, slightly reduced, at that time the whole characteristic is still many and miscellaneous. But compared with the written examination, the autumn examination content is more, and more comprehensive, the overall quantity of questions is also larger, the examination time is longer. However, the Spring Enrolment Written Test, whether in the quantity of questions, or in the time, may be reduced, but the students preparing for the test should not be blindly optimistic. Relative to other types of exams, the number of questions or more, and lucky, may encounter part of the repeated autumn recruitment questions, that is to say, if you have participated in the autumn recruitment before, and make the autumn recruitment unfortunately was not chosen, but the spring recruitment still have a great chance, and the probability will be greater Oh.

Therefore, the students must actively prepare for the exam, and strive to add the correct preparation method, seize the entry into the bank, may be the last chance, I wish you all can realize their dreams.