Key points of work of the Ministry of Education in 2021

Key points of work of the Ministry of Education in 2021

Key points of work of the Ministry of Education in 2021
What about education? Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the work points in 2021, put forward to deepen the reform of the examination and enrollment system, deepen the reform of the content of the college entrance examination, and strictly regulate sports and art and other special types of enrollment work; We will build the “24365 Smart Employment Platform” and the “National College Graduates Employment and Internship Information Platform” to strengthen the employment of ordinary college graduates.

As for the content reform of the college entrance examination, it is necessary to further reflect the requirements of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, strictly regulate the enrollment of special types of sports and art, further improve the system, standardize the procedure, strictly manage and strengthen supervision, and improve the quality of the selection of sports and art talents. We will deepen the reform of the senior high school entrance examination, expand the scope of the reform of enrollment in an orderly manner, improve the provincial-level unified mechanism for formulating senior high school entrance examinations, and strive to improve their quality.

We will establish a system of vocational education with Chinese characteristics for the new era, fully implement the “20 Rules on Vocational Education”, create a number of models of vocational education for the new era, improve the examination and enrollment method of “cultural quality plus vocational skills”, and implement the task of increasing the number of vocational colleges and universities by 2 million from 2020 to 2021. We issued regulations on the administration of the authorization and awarding of bachelor’s degrees in vocational education, summarized experience in promoting the 1+X certificate system as a pilot, and explored apprenticeship systems with Chinese characteristics. A number of vocational education planning textbooks jointly developed by schools and enterprises will be selected.

We will promote the full implementation of the policy on simultaneous enrollment of regular senior high schools run by citizens. We will deepen reform of the system of administrative examination and approval for private education. We will continue to take the transfer of independent colleges as the top priority in the establishment of universities, guide provinces to establish and improve the policy system for encouraging and promoting the transfer of independent colleges, accelerate the progress of the transfer, and continue to adjust the structure of higher education resources and improve the quality of higher education.

We will accelerate the high-quality development of IT application in education, actively develop the “Internet Plus Education” model, continue to provide targeted intellectual aid in cyberspace, and deepen the application of the “Three Classrooms”. We will explore trials and demonstrations of IT application in education, and promote the initiative to innovate and develop smart education, as well as the initiative to lead the development of thousands of schools in every district and district. Promote the formation of data resources catalogue and data traceability map of education system, formulate standards and norms for basic education data, and realize orderly sharing.

We will deepen the reform of the training model for talents in basic disciplines such as medicine and humanities and social sciences, and explore a model for training people with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in basic disciplines. We will accelerate the establishment of an early-warning mechanism for talents in short supply and a mechanism for developing key majors, dynamically adjust the scope of support for the “Special Recruitment Plan for Cultivating High-level Talents in Key Areas in Urgency”, and continue to train rural medical students in central and western China for free.

We will deepen the reform of basic education and teaching, promote the healthy development of young people’s body and mind, and improve the teaching mode of “health knowledge + basic sports skills + special sports skills” in school physical education. We will organize the selection of schools with traditional features of football, basketball, volleyball and ice and snow sports, the “All Over the Sky Stars” training camp and the Olympic Education Model School. We will strengthen management of homework, sleep, mobile phones, reading materials and physical fitness, carry out special campaigns against bullying in primary and secondary schools, and study the establishment of a regular monitoring mechanism for mental health in primary and secondary schools.

We will continue to support the development of regular high schools, move faster to eliminate the size of regular high schools’ classes, and strive to raise the standard of running schools at the county level. We will push forward the implementation of new curricula and new textbooks, and strive to implement them in most provinces by 2021.