Dou Jingtong independent development, personality growth

Parents are practitioners of education

A few days ago, I happened to see a video of Dou jingtong being interviewed in ChinaDaily English. His English is really very, very fluent…

Dou Jingtong independent development, personality growth

I want to use two very, because it is really not only good pronunciation, but also very fast, very natural, is the level of mother tongue, I strongly recommend to click to feel.

Dou’s first performance at the Hong Kong Music Festival was in Mandarin, English and Cantonese, and she was also fluent in Cantonese.

As many people know, Dou grew up in Hong Kong, where Wong was at the peak of her career when she was born, but didn’t delay her career at all.

During Dou’s childhood, Wong took her with her wherever she went, and the media captured numerous photos of young children with their mothers.So Dou returned to Beijing to study, but is still fluent in Cantonese.

In 1998, Faye Wong wrote a song called “Tong”, which was written for Dou.(Nostalgia Station, isn’t it a little age revealing…)

Dou grew up in an international school. At the age of 16, he studied music in Berkeley, California in the United States.

But Dou himself revealed on the show that Wong was so strict with her upbringing that she was asked to recite the Diamond Sutra (Wong believes in Buddhism) at the age of 16, and that she and Wong were required to carry the Compendium of Materia Medica to identify medicinal herbs, which she has never forgotten.

Stepfather Li Yapeng once said, tong Tong only English score 70, other grades are not good.So after Li yapeng married Faye Wong and had Li Yan, Li yapeng clearly wanted to fill in the missing piece of Traditional Chinese culture for Li Yan.

Look at what Li Yapeng said in his interview with Chen Luyu:

Then, Li Yapeng and Faye Wong together, began again faye Wong’s second daughter’s new education attempt.This time, I want to cultivate a child with both traditional Chinese cultural understanding and international vision and ability.

Although Li yan attended Devi International School, one of the many schools where the second generation of Celebrities flock together, Li and Faye Wong may feel that the cultural education part of China is still insufficient.They started filling in for Li yan themselves.

In order to make scientific observation of the 24 solar terms, they accompanied their daughter Li Yan to the Ming Tombs Reservoir 24 times a year for seven years and more than 160 days.

Li yapeng frankly accompanied his daughter Li Yan to the reservoir for the most observation. The first was Grandma Li Yan, the second was Faye Wong, and the third was himself. But the family insisted 24 times a year for 7 years, which, to be fair, was very meaningful.

In addition, Li Yapeng himself founded the Peide Academy of Traditional Chinese culture, which shows that his family attaches great importance to Chinese culture.

This is Li Yan’s calligraphy:

But at the same time, they also sent Li Yan, who graduated from primary school, to study in a famous elite school in Switzerland, presumably hoping that she could experience the European boarding life. This school, founded in 1910, is one of the most expensive private boarding schools in the world, with a tuition of 770,000 yuan a year and only 250 places of admission each year.At that time, it was on refresh in many public accounts.

However, most of the public accounts only write that the tuition is expensive, but they don’t understand that Switzerland is actually the world’s top elite education place. For example, many children from Arab royal families and Celebrities from Europe and America have studied there. The performance and recommendation of top private schools are recognized in elite schools around the world, and etiquette, skiing and other sports are all strengths.

The choice made by Faye Wong and Li Yapeng is one of “education professionals who know the classics”.

It can be seen that Faye Wong has adopted different educational choices for her two daughters, and since she noticed that her eldest daughter Dou Jingtong may not have enough knowledge of Chinese culture, her second daughter Li Yan has more exposure to Chinese culture.

Li Yan studied abroad earlier than Dou jingtong, and the education style of Switzerland is actually more Royal and more ladylike than that of the United States. This choice may not only be the hope of her parents, but also li Yan’s own preference.

Different children, different educational choices,

Every parent is a real practitioner of education.

Do you think other celebrity kids really just eat, drink, and be merry?You don’t see parents trying new ways of teaching when they have those resources.Rich and rich raise, poor have poor raise, as long as the intention, in fact, children will let a hundred flowers bloom.

Jingtong Dou and Yan Li,

Although the path of education is different,

But what they both have in common is,

Very confident, very confident

When Lin Zhiying wife gave birth to three children also be mother-in-law spray

“Don’t wear shorts to our house because it’s impolite.”

Li Yan, 14, can wear a navel-baring dress

Dou, 23, can wear a variety of neutral outfits

It’s not just their parents who give them the upper hand,

It is their own ability that gives them confidence

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  1. Parents are the education knowledge person has the very big influence to the child, their insight and the thought is has the profound lasting influence to the child.

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