New Year warm in the side

New Year warm in the side

New Year warm in the side
More than 100 students are staying on campus at Hebei University this winter holiday. After the beginning of the holiday, the school will arrange the students staying on campus to live in the campus, and rent a special car to carry the luggage for the cross-campus students, so as to ensure their daily life. At the same time, a temporary class — “Seeking Truth Class” was set up for the students who had stayed in the school. Research tutors, student cadres and students who had stayed in the school formed a pair of students to help and help them to answer their doubts and provide help to ensure their safety and health.

The detention students have sports on the playground. Photo courtesy of Hebei University

In the campus of Hebei University, a “one-stop” student community sharing space is opened to provide sports supplies such as basketball, volleyball, skipping rope and badminton for students who stay on campus. Students can do physical exercises in their spare time to keep fit.

At the same time, the school also provides a “customized psychological counseling package” for each student who stays on campus, offering spiritual care to students through online and offline counseling to help them clear up their doubts.

Hebei University has arranged a variety of recreational activities for students to stay on campus. The picture shows students playing a sandbox game. Photo courtesy of Hebei University

Yoga classes, book sharing, rope skipping activities, psychological salons… A variety of activities make the school life more colorful.

Li Xinghua is a senior majoring in journalism at the School of Journalism and Communication, Hebei University. Since my home is in Shijiazhuang, I stayed at school after the winter vacation in consideration of epidemic prevention and safety. For her, this is the first time to leave her parents and spend the Spring Festival alone.

New Year warm in the side
The school cafeteria window is open for students who are staying on campus. Photo courtesy of Hebei University

“The school’s canteen is still open every day. Considering the large number of students from Xinjiang, a halal window has been set up. The supermarket on campus is well stocked with necessities, some dairy products and bread are new in date, so there is no need to worry about scarcity.” “She said, referring to supplies at the school.

In the group of teachers and students, the most often said by the teacher is “what difficulties tell the teacher!” Provide psychological consultation anytime and anywhere, organize regular fitness games, distribute condolence products in the dormitory… The teacher accompanied the students for as many days as the students stayed in school. Every lonely and helpless moment could feel the care of the teacher’s family.

“My parents were always worried that I would be lonely during the Spring Festival at school. In fact, I wanted to say that I’m fine here and don’t worry about me. I hope my parents can eat well, drink well, sleep well, be healthy, and the family is all safe and sound. I also hope the epidemic will disperse soon.” Li Xinghua told reporters.

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