Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon talent in college dormitory

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon talent in college dormitory

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon talent in college dormitory
The university life is the “paradise” that many students yearn for. There is no nervous and busy examination in the university, and there is no ubiquitous study. The study pressure of students will also be reduced a lot.

After entering the university, students’ dormitory is also like a “second home”, students will also spend four years in the university, leaving many wonderful memories.

In order to make their life in the university more relaxed, the students are also hard thought, came up with a lot of ways, today we say that, if not suddenly check the dormitory, I do not know the university dormitory, there should be such a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon talent, check the dormitory teacher can not help but laugh!

Those “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” talents in college dormitories

Speaking of the dormitory in the university, most of them are 6-person or 4-person dormitories, and some old campus are upper and lower bunks. However, the dormitory space of students is not very large. In order to make their life more comfortable, they also come up with a lot of “bad ideas”.

Look at the classmate’s operation, it should not be the first time, directly take the small sun roasted prawns! Also did not have who, estimate is the classmate of the south, the northern classmate is rarely useful small sun. But students should also pay attention to safety ah, in case of fire can not be good. It is estimated that the teachers and students are also very surprised that there is such an operation? College is really a place where dragons hide and tigers crouch.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon talent in college dormitory
There are college students in order to play a good game, came up with a more wonderful way, that is to use a similar range hood plastic bag, directly set themselves inside, so that not only can prevent others from disturbing, but also can directly enjoy the air conditioning, can freely roam in the game.

There are also some college students in order to satisfy their appetite, all kinds of daily necessities are very complete, look at the POTS and pans, there are all kinds of condiments and so on, directly the dormitory balcony, transformed into a small kitchen.

If it was not for the teacher to see with his own eyes, he did not know that the university dormitory, there should be such talent, do not know that also thought back home or to the canteen! Boy, we are all talents!

The most common illegal appliances among students are hair dryers, heat pumps and cooking POTS, but who would have thought that there could be a “milk tea sealer” in the dormitory?

This student, are you doing milk tea business in the dormitory? Or oneself too love to drink milk tea, direct oneself operation? Unexpectedly, the students can also be so talented!

If it is not to check the dormitory teacher suddenly check the dormitory, I do not know the university dormitory, there should be such a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon talent, small make up also have to sigh with emotion: is really Jiangshan generation of talent out! The college students are so talented!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon talent in college dormitory
However, students should pay attention to their own safety. After all, dormitory is a public area. Students should also pay attention to potential safety hazards to avoid accidents.

What else should college students pay attention to in the dormitory?

1. Operate according to the relevant regulations of the school, and do not use illegal electrical appliances. The voltage in each dormitory is the same, some schools will limit the voltage, if students use excessive electrical appliances, it is easy to power off, such as some hair dryers, heaters and so on.

2 bedroom is my home, love depends on everyone. Dormitory itself is a public space, students live together under the same eave, but also to care for the common, pay attention to good sanitation.

3. Be on good terms with the dormitory administrator and don’t contradict the teacher. The dormitory administrator aunt is also the teacher who has accompanied the students for 4 years. Try to get along well with the dormitory administrator aunt as much as possible. After all, if the students go out and come back late, they still need to open the door.

Why do schools ban students from using illegal electrical appliances?

For the sake of students’ safety, nip it in the bud

Students live together in the campus, and the school is also responsible for the personal safety of students. Therefore, it is for the sake of students’ personal safety to prohibit students from using illegal electrical appliances, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire and other accidents and nip them in the nip.

2. Schools are public places with high population density

For a simple example, there are 6 people in a dormitory, and the whole dormitory building is 6 floors. The population density of students is very high, and the work and rest time are consistent.

If there are 30 people on the same floor using hair dryers, 50 people using computers, plus other electricity, etc., the electrical circuit will not be able to handle it, which is why the school forbade students to use only illegal electrical appliances.

Xiaobian message: the university four years, students will meet a lot of different things, don’t lie in the dormitory all day, more out of the exercise, see more beautiful things.

If the university four years only know to go back to the bedroom lying, it will be a waste of time, a waste of good time. Students should arrange their spare time reasonably, and strive to find a high-quality job while getting the graduation certificate!