Art test enrollment method influence

Art test enrollment method influence

Art test enrollment method influence
About the observation of the art examination, the column is about some art examination policies and status quo for the reference of the art examinee, if you have different views, welcome to leave a message.

Communication University of China


The art examinee that passes art class professional school to take an examination in registration must attend cultural quality preliminary examination

Starting from 2019, any art examinee who sign up for the college entrance examination of art majors in China Trans, no matter which art major they sign up for, the art examinee must sign up for the preliminary test of cultural quality set up by China Trans.

Change 2:

Unified retest will be implemented in Beijing, and no other test centers will be set outside Beijing

Starting from 2019, the retest will be conducted in Beijing, that is, CCEC Beijing test center. Candidates who have passed the initial test will concentrate on going to CCEC Beijing test center to register and participate in the retest. There will be no other professional retest centers outside Beijing.

Change 3:

“Literature, history and philosophy” added to the preliminary examination category

Starting from 2019, there will be a new category of literature, history and philosophy on the basis of the existing language, number and English culture test. Candidates can choose one of the categories as the first test option.

From 2020, the category of language, number and English has been abolished, and only the category of literature, history and philosophy has been set up, which is more in line with the direction of cultural quality selection for arts majors.

Change the four:

A “Green Channel” examination scheme is set up for arts students with outstanding professional skills

Candidates who apply for the “Green Channel” in some majors of Chinese Communication, on the premise of voluntary principle, can submit their works within the time specified in the Chinese Communication Admission Brochure as required. China will arrange experts and professors to score the creation, different levels of art candidates in the examination standards have different examination methods.

Change five:

Three different admission principles are set according to the learning differences of art majors

Due to the different learning directions of art majors, three different admission principles have been set up in the selection of talents in the school examination: admission according to the major, that is, the article has been specially arranged; Admission according to the comprehensive ranking, that is, cultural majors according to a certain proportion of the ranking; Admission according to the cultural ratio, the paper double, and then according to the cultural ratio of high and low admission.

Art test enrollment method influence
Central Academy of Drama


Enrollment methods for some majors have been changed

Major of Chinese Opera Drama Film and Television Literature (Drama Creation and TV Drama Creation Enrollment Examination); Drama Studies (Drama Discussion and Criticism Admission Examination); Drama Education; Art management major (performance production, theater management, film and television entrance examination direction) does not have school examination, all according to the ordinary colleges and universities volunteer fill in admission.

Change 2:

Change of exam content

The broadcasting and hosting major (program host direction) originally majored in recitation and proposition broadcasting, but this year it changed to self-prepared recitation. The original impromptu comments of the second examination subjects, comprehensive interview has been changed to on-site prepared speech, literature and history general knowledge question-and-answer, specialty display and comprehensive interview.

Drama Film and Television Directing (Drama Education) The original preliminary examination subject of proposition reading (assigned manuscript reading) changed to self-prepared manuscript reading (fable or fairy tale reading)

Change 3:

Drama from the line promotion, according to the provincial regulations change

There are 6 entrance examination directions set by the Department of Stage Art. The standard of admission line for Chinese opera is controlled by the original art and cultural courses in the province where the art examinee is located. It is in line with 75% of the undergraduate line in the province where the art examinee is located after the new policy of the art examination, that is, the admission line for special enrollment and the priority registration line.

The score of Drama, Film and Television Directing (drama director, that is, director) in the Directing Department and Drama Management Department has been raised from 80% to 85% in the entrance examination of drama, film and television directing (performance production).

Change the four:

Prostitutes are strictly prohibited

Facial recognition system was added to the test for the first time to prevent surrogate tests.

Central Academy of Fine Arts


There are only two test centers in Wangjing and Yanjiao in Beijing, and there are no test centers outside other provinces, and the school test time is advanced

The CEA examination node is advanced from early March to late February, nearly half a month earlier than usual, which will result in a collision with the examination node of other colleges during the peak period of the spring school examination, and directly affect some arts candidates with weak intentions and majors to withdraw from the competition of CEA. In addition, the test center is only set in Beijing, and no other test centers outside the province will be set. According to the requirements of most provinces, for example, colleges and universities that set up test centers in the province only allow students to register at the test centers in the province, which causes the art students to have no enough time to travel to Beijing for reference and take the CMEA professional test. Even if they are tired of travelling, they can only rush to take the test.

Change 2:

The duration of the test will be changed from 2 days to 6 days.

Due to the professional classification and the examination time is not concentrated, and at the same time allows the art candidates to apply for and take more than one major, to the central beauty of the intention of the art candidates brought a lot of opportunities, but also brought a lot of the same central beauty as the target of competitors.

Beijing Film Academy


Part of the professional first examination content changes

Cinematology (film review) : cancel the third examination, the second examination is changed from the analysis of film and television works to the professional ability interview.

Radio and TV director: the reexamination is changed from modeling ability, music accomplishment, drama, film and television, media art and other related professional knowledge inspection; The three tests are interviews, which include: logical thinking and language skills, English listening and speaking, talent show, etc.

Change 2:

Part of the professional preliminary examination by literature and art into liberal arts examination

The biggest change of BFA in 2021 is that the content of the preliminary exam for some majors is changed from basic knowledge of literature and art to comprehensive knowledge of liberal arts. Therefore, special emphasis must be placed again: art candidates must pay attention to cultural lessons, cultural lessons, cultural lessons! There is no need for science students to feel unfair. After all, regardless of whether you are a liberal arts student or a science student, profound knowledge, a thorough understanding of ancient and modern times, and dialectical logic of philosophical thoughts are basically essential cultural qualities for high school students.

Shanghai Theatre Academy


Most of the major arts cancelled school examination

Drama, film and television literature, drama, art management, radio and television director, film and television photography and production of the major according to the general undergraduate batch enrollment, no school examination, according to the province undergraduate batch implementation, no need for online school examination registration.

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