What Chinese male teenagers need most is "masculinity"?

What Chinese male teenagers need most is “masculinity”?

What Chinese male teenagers need most is "masculinity"?
In the past few days, sparked by a proposal on preventing the feminization of male teenagers, the discussion around “masculinity”, “femininity” and other keywords has continued to ferment.

Liu Minghui, a law professor at China Women’s University, said that although the proposal is intended to promote Chinese civilization, it is objectively based on outdated and outdated traditional ideas that are going against the trend of history.

She also mentioned that to fight sexism, traditional ideas need to be overturned. Hence today’s article.

Fighting sexism requires overturning traditional ideas

Author: Liu Minghui

Since Jan 28, heated discussion has been aroused on whether male teenagers should be prevented from “feminizing” and more attention should be paid to cultivating students’ “masculinity”.


First of all, I am very enthusiastic about thumb up because it is an improvement in itself – no longer a unanimous statement that it is natural for men to be masculine and women to be feminine.

The point of the discussion is whether there is sexism or not. Supporters believe that the artificial opposition between “masculinity” and “femininity”, and the “femininity” as a subgender quality, is sexism against women; “Masculine femininity is disgusting and has nothing to do with discriminating against women.”

In order to discuss this issue, we need to look at the proposal in question.

What Chinese male teenagers need most is "masculinity"?

The paradox behind the proposal

In May 2020, Szefu, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said in a proposal titled “Attention to and Prevention of the” Feminization “of Male Teenage Children that he found Chinese male youth weak, self-abasement and timidity, and pursuing a” little fresh meat “style of” little butter-rich, “which he called” feminization “of boys.


In his proposal, Szeff argues that the reasons for the “feminization” of male teenagers in China are complex and may be a side-effect of the “pampering” of the one-child policy.

From the perspective of living environment, men are most exposed to the “maternal line” from birth. After birth, they spend the most time with their mothers. Later, they are brought up by their grandmothers and live in a “mother-in-law” environment for a long time.

In terms of educational environment, after children enter school, most teachers are women, who have been influenced by women for a long time, so that boys lack of “masculinity”.

In this regard, Szefu believes that to solve this “problem”, we should start from the construction of the teacher team, such as greatly increasing the construction of male physical education teachers, increase the influence of “masculinity”; In addition, the increasingly matrilineal environment in which Chinese boys are living has become a social problem, and social scholars should study this issue and give more guidance.


Photo/Women in the Twentieth Century

Against the proposal, the Ministry of Education issued the reply letter on the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC). The third session of the 4404th session of the national committee (education class 410) proposal letter of reply, requirements in the “national culture plan” “provincial culture program”, intensify efforts to improve the quality of the PE teachers’ capability, through various channels, the new physical education teachers, more attention to the cultivation of students “masculinity”.


The CPPCC Standing Committee member, who has a sense of social responsibility, is deeply worried about the phenomenon of “feminization” and “lack of masculinity” among boys. “If we do not have effective governance, it will certainly endanger the survival and development of the Chinese nation,” he exclaimed.

Its original intention was to solve social problems, and it was clearly patriotic. But why such fervent concern for the country and the people, and get the competent authorities to confirm the advice, is said to discriminate against women?

It’s all about traditional ideas!

As netizens questioned: “If femininity is something to be affirmed and respected, why prevent it?”

Not to mention, the term “mother-in-law” in the proposal also implies a “one-size-fits-all” denial of female parenting, which is behind the prejudice against women’s “long hair and short knowledge”.

In addition, according to the proposal, children live in a “motherly” environment for a long time, which makes them “feminine,” but it is the traditional idea that “men do the work and women do the work” that leads to such an environment, which leaves fathers absent from parenting.

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Isn’t it a paradox that the solution to the problems caused by traditional gender division of labor is to reinforce traditional notions of gender temperament?


Men are also victims of conventional wisdom

It is regrettable that in this age of gender diversity, such a discordant note has emerged in the global trend to eliminate gender stereotyping and foster facultative temperament in children, in which people are more likely to succeed in certain fields, and in which they are more likely to be both sexes.

Thousands of years of feudal culture have infiltrated the traditional concept of male superiority and female inferiority into people’s blood, even those who are well-educated will inevitably fall into the trap.

For example, an associate professor in a university fought against the public opinion in the classmates’ WeChat group, insisting that “only when men lead and women follow, can the society be harmonious”.

Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences, argues that “under normal circumstances, boys will be boys and girls will be girls”.

He Bing, deputy dean of the law school at China University of Political Science and Law, said at the 2011 graduation party: “Ten years from now, when you are in power, you guys should act like men. Ten years from now, when you girls are in power, you have to be like women.”

Even when I quote that last “golden line” in the training class, students are surprised: “What’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t men be like men and women like women?”

The documentary “Inside the Mask” photo / @us and equality

“A man should be a man” means he has to earn money to support his family, buy a house and a car and “cry hard”. No wonder men live four years shorter than women on average! “A woman should be like a woman” is gentle and virtuous, depending on the bird, in not married to obey the father, married to obey her husband, to Xiangfu teach children as a lifetime mission —

Doesn’t it also limit the free space for men and women to develop?

Men are also victims of conventional wisdom. This is why the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women required to eliminate discrimination against women in traditional culture of the rule, the no. 25 general advice requires countries to eliminate legal system and social structure and system in the prevalence of unequal gender relations, and based on the concept of gender stereotypes.

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Instead of worrying about gender temperament, we should face the fact that more than 20 percent of high school students have mental health problems.

We should study in depth, what are the psychological defects that contemporary teenagers need to correct most?

Why are more and more students giving up on life because of what others see as “a little” frustration?

Why can appear the tragedy that the university student of the highest institution fights the birth mother?

Why are so many young people still “gnawling” after they graduate from college, unable to get along well with their parents, lovers or other members of society?


The news keeps coming up

Under the baton of exam-oriented education, many parents and teachers only pay attention to the children’s academic performance and ignore the comprehensive quality, leading to the abnormal development of some children.

And the most urgent thing is to collect the force of the whole society to cultivate children’s sound personality. Let children learn to love, gratitude, responsibility and respect others, accustomed to empathy.

If pay attention to these qualities, cultivate children with independent personality and self-esteem, self-reliance, self-improvement consciousness, as well as smile in the face of difficulties and setbacks, and used to pay and enjoy the sense of achievement of character traits, also afraid of children dare not bear?


In the movie Miracle Boys, the boy touched everyone with his kindness and courage

Although the original intention of this proposal is to promote the progress of Chinese civilization, its proposition is objectively based on an outdated and pedantry traditional idea that goes against the trend of history. This kind of gender stereotype based on the traditional concept of male superiority and female inferiority constitutes a kind of gender discrimination against men and women.

And it takes courage to admit it.

Professor George d rand had been “who is more important than hard efforts – the happiness of the Harvard University studied 75 class in memory, the first day he went to Harvard University school of medicine in 1955 heard dean’s words:” have a bad news to tell you – we teach you the knowledge that I half will reverse in the future; What’s worse, we don’t know what knowledge will be picked up for error later on.” This is a declaration of courage.

To fight against gender discrimination, we should have the courage to question the conclusion and subvert traditional concepts.

The upsetting of conventional wisdom, however productive, will ultimately serve as a ladder of human progress toward a more gender-friendly future.