Winter vacation should be dominated by "clock in"?

Winter vacation should be dominated by “clock in”?

Winter vacation should be dominated by "clock in"?
Winter break, which is supposed to be a time for students and teachers to recuperate, is becoming an important time for overtaking in corners. What is more frightening is that with the development and use of various mobile phone APPs, every minute and second of contemporary students’ life has been supervised and controlled.

They have no freedom, no flexibility, no self, become depressed and numb, the stereotypical victims of this age of anxiety.

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Students who are controlled by no dead ends,

It’s a world of anxiety to the bone

Not long ago, I came across a post on Weibo:


In the post, the blogger joked about the “free and controlled” learning conditions in middle and high school students. Each subject has a WeChat group, which must be completed according to the school’s schedule, not in advance, even not in delay. The development and popularity of mobile apps, such as Spike, has further encouraged the phenomenon of “no-blind supervision of students”.

The blogger recalls the winter break when I was a child, when I could finish homework before the break, or do catch up with homework a few days before school started. There are clubs, elective courses, and special days without wearing school uniforms. Compared with today’s students, the degree of freedom is much higher.

Now the students are cut exactly the same, every classmate is the same, a pair of numb and standardized tired skin.


The blogger’s ridicule resonates with netizens, but they also feel helpless. As a teacher, I don’t want to be so strict with my students, but this is the requirement of the school administrator. School administrators also have problems. After all, education is a vicious circle, and no snowflake is immune to it. And this kind of school management is not unique


This is the winter vacation homework plan of a middle school broke online, dense and suffocating. All subjects, including P.E., and what homework students need to complete each day, are clearly arranged by the school. Even during the Spring Festival break, the task of skipping rope every day has to be completed through the APP.

After reading these posts, I can’t get a lump in my throat. When I turned on my phone this morning and got the AD, I couldn’t help it: What kind of world are kids facing now? A world dominated by apps with no freedom at all, a world where everyone is driven to their hearts’ content by bitterness and anxiety.

I hate sports and do not love sports since I was young. If there had been an app to monitor skipping rope as a kid, I would have hated school in my bones. It’s hard to imagine how a child who is controlled in this way in childhood will grow up. !

Rejoice oneself early was born 30 years!


Children are the poor little ones at the bottom of the food chain

This reminds me of a research paper I read recently that made my heart chill.

In 2017, researchers conducted a study in Shanghai, China, and Chicago, the United States. The study involved multiple junior high schools, with a sample of 217 students in China and 207 in the United States.

The researchers found that Chinese teenagers were more likely than their American counterparts to accept parenting behaviors such as reprimanding from their parents, comparing their grades with their peers, and shaming them in public. Even in a sample of Chinese teenagers, those who accept their parents’ parenting style in their gut can improve their school performance to some extent.

In other words, Chinese children are more tolerant of controlling and abusive parental behavior than their American peers and see it as “for their own good” and helpful for their development.


How many times does it take parents and school PUA to convince our children that they are controlling and abusing for their own good and need to accept it? !

Winter vacation should be dominated by "clock in"?

I have spoken to parents countless times to urge them to be more patient with their children and see the good in them. But more often than not, I get a reply: “pony, when you have children of your own you will understand our situation. In the face of reality, many theories don’t work.”

At the time I would have seen this as parental hubris, but increasingly I see it as an expression from the bottom of my heart. What they have to face is the 996 when they go to work, the uploading of the 9 homework tasks of the children when they come home, and they have to print the papers by themselves to sort out the wrong questions, as well as taking video to record the skipping rope situation, playing the game, you and he said to have “patience”?

Blame the responsibility to the teacher is also very unfair, the teacher is also bitter to say, the task that the school leadership arranges, he contradicts face to face? Each time a result, dozens of parents send greetings. Winter vacation can rest for a while before, now winter vacation is more tired than work, they also have no time to get off work. You say to them, be patient with the children, who will love them?

As a result, children are poor little people at the bottom of the food chain, the worst victims of our time. We say “for the children,” but has anyone ever heard their voice?

The real picture of adolescent depression in China

Very worrisome

There is a very interesting survey conducted by “China Education Daily”, which separately surveyed children and parents on “what is the support for children”. The result found a serious contradiction: that is, parents’ efforts and children’s needs do not match seriously.

When asked what parents think is support for their children? Top of the list was “urging children to learn”, accounting for 30.44 percent.

Can you guess if the question asks a child, “What do you think your parents support you?” Will the answer be the same? Not surprisingly, the answer was very different.

More than 63.21 percent of the children hoped that their parents could “encourage and affirm me.” And when asked what makes you most disappointed to your parents, more than 62.71% of the children said, “I always compare my study with others.”

The real voice of the child has been buried by various tasks and apps. I’d like to believe that the primary school students who gave it a score were not doing it solely for anger, the only outlet they had to make their voices heard, but many adults were just making fun of their voices.