Those who missed the GBT in 2021 should take note

Those who missed the GBT in 2021 should take note

Those who missed the GBT in 2021 should take note
Now China’s fresh graduates in employment will always face a very severe employment situation, and even the Internet is always spread that “college graduates are unemployed” this kind of words, so find a stable job, this has become the ultimate goal of many graduates.

In order to find a stable job, many people turn their eyes to the “iron rice bowl”, such as civil service, which is arguably the most popular job in recent years. Many college students plan to take the civil service exam, because the benefits are too much.

What are the advantages of being a civil servant?

A steady income

This is the biggest benefit, after all, employment is to make money, no matter what happens to civil servants, they will be paid on time, there will be no arrears in wages, this may not be the case for some private companies. Besides, the living cost of civil servants is very low, because they get various subsidies, such as heating allowance, car allowance and food allowance, which are all the welfare benefits of civil servants.

Overtime is subsidised

Civil servants usually work very little, with a lot of free time, so there is little time to work overtime, but as long as there is overtime, civil servants will get subsidies from the state. In fact, there was no subsidy for civil servants before, but now the policy of the state has changed.

Because the civil servant not only has overtime allowance, and still can have double holiday day, statutory holidays and so on vacation, want to come out much more than the vacation of a lot of small enterprises.

Decent work

In the eyes of the older generation, civil servants belong to the iron rice bowl job, and they work in the state organs every day, so even if the development is not good, they can also be a small clerk, in the outside is also very glamorous.

That way, when your parents tell you, the job is very respectable, it will make them look super bright, have super high social status in the outside world.

What are the paths to becoming a civil servant?

There are about five kinds of examinations for people who want to become civil servants in 2021, including national examination, selective transfer, provincial examination, township civil servant and selection. If you did not achieve the word that becomes the requirement that choose change to give birth to, it is OK to take an examination of through province and national examination undertake enter oneself for an examination public servant.

Those who missed the GBT in 2021 should take note
If you missed the National Exam in 2021, please note that the provincial exam time has been announced

At present, China’s national examination has been completed, so graduates who want to become civil servants must pay attention to the provincial examination time, it is reported that the provincial examination time has been released in Anhui Province, probably in the late March; There are also provincial exams in Hubei province on March 27, and those in Guangdong province in the first half of March.

Pass the examination time of these several provinces, believe everybody can see certainly, our country this year province takes an examination to probably have advance trend, so everybody must prepare well, prepare well the examination of civil servant.

What are the differences between the national and provincial examinations?

Although the national examination and the provincial examination, our ultimate goal is to become a civil servant through them, but in fact there are some differences between the two.

For example, the country takes an examination of and the unit that province takes an examination of is different, the unit that organizes a country to take an examination of is the central unit commonly, and province takes an examination of is to undertake arrangement by the department in charge of provincial above.

There are also different enrollment objects, because the national examination of most of the occupation is not restricted, and the provincial examination of the post is only allowed to the province’s students for examination.

National examination and provincial examination of the test content is also different, the content of the national examination is relatively high, and the amount of questions will be large, because the national examination first exam, so many provincial examination questions will also refer to the national examination.

When signing up province takes an examination, need to pay attention to a few points

First of all, students must read their own entry for an examination of the post requirements, do not feel trouble, because once you sign up wrong, it is likely to affect all audit, and in the province of the time, a lot of positions are required graduates are the supremacy of undergraduate degree. Although a few provinces relax the requirement of this respect to record of formal schooling to specialist, but also must advance clear.

Second, when you are in the registration, be sure to repeatedly determine whether they have registered successfully, but also need to check within the specified time. If the audit fails, you can apply again. If you don’t find out until the end of your application period that you haven’t been approved, you’ve really missed the boat.

Finally, it is said this requirement, whether on or provincial exams, for politics careful this aspect is very strict, and said, is not only for students to have a requirement, but also need to review the immediate family members, so be sure to ahead of time self-check, because if really in politics careful there is a problem, you even registration is also unlikely to succeed.

Conclusion: civil servant is definitely the best in the “iron rice bowl”, so if you want to find a stable job, you can choose this job.

Are you a civil servant? What else do you think you should pay attention to when you sign up for the provincial examination? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.