She is called "Goddess of Fudan University"

She is called “Goddess of Fudan University”

She is called "Goddess of Fudan University"
Dubbed the “Goddess of Fudan University,” she was once admired by students, but eventually disappeared because of two characters

Reading time in school is a process that everyone will experience. At this time, everyone is still living a relatively relaxed campus life, grades for a student is very important, which has a certain relationship with the level of teachers and students’ comprehension ability. Today, let’s talk about a “Goddess of Fudan University”. She is Teacher Chen Guo. Since June 2008, she has been working in the Foundation Department of Social Studies at Fudan University.

What she basically is to tell is to think to repair course, want to say full name, namely ideological and moral cultivation and legal base course. For this course, many students will feel very boring and boring. Few students can really stand to listen to this class unless they are really interested in studying. After all, when facing the things you love, you always have more passion. However, the teacher’s meditation lesson has been sought after by many students.

Some students think that she makes her lessons very vivid and beautiful. So I feel very happy to be her student. In addition, others think her words have a “word wake up a dreamer” feeling. Or think Chen Guo’s thought is very good, eloquence is not to say. He gave her the title of “beautiful teacher”. In her class, she deals with a wide range of topics, such as life, human life and death, even ideals and love. Compared with the content in the textbook, she has to talk about the content of meditation, always can give people a brand-new feeling.

In addition, Chen Guo is also very careful in dress, usually wearing a small suit and stiletto heels. Add to that the fact that she is over 1.7 meters tall, which makes her image more perfect. Gradually, she was asked to appear in TV shows. In principle, this is a good thing. But Chen made the mistake of pronouncing “MAO die” as “MAO zhi.” Because those two words put her at the center of a storm that has since disappeared from the Internet.

She is called "Goddess of Fudan University"
In people’s inherent concept, the teacher’s knowledge is generally much richer than ordinary people, in fact, like this uncommon word, there are many people will admit mistakes is very normal. Now she has kept a low profile. After all, she does inspire many students. If language can help people in need, then why not use it?

There are also some people who have a skeptical attitude towards her, she speaks in class those words, can not help but let a person feel with the soul of chicken soup has some similarities. The person who receives it will find it very rewarding. On the contrary, they will feel that there is no nutrition and no practical effect on themselves. Anyway, the teacher really does get angry in front of people, which is one of her abilities.