A man should act like a man

A man should act like a man

A man should act like a man
The official website of the Ministry of Education published its response to CPPCC members’ suggestions on preventing the feminization of boys and teenagers:

It said it would better address the problem by strengthening the construction of physical education teachers, the top-level design of the school physical education system, the in-depth development of health education and research on adolescent mental health problems. Appropriately improve the physical education teachers teaching methods, teaching forms, pay more attention to the cultivation of students “manhood”.

In its response, the ministry mentioned a focus on cultivating “masculinity” among students.

But this answer, in a microblogging scold.

I looked at the abusive comments a little bit and 95% of them were female, with one or two boys occasionally appearing.

First of all, I understand the reasons for this situation.

Since the broadcast of the first episode of Super Girl, Hunan Satellite TV began to introduce a new aesthetic standard, that is, female masculinity and male femininity. In the end, the champion of female masculinity won the championship.

And basically since then, there has been a shift in the values of adolescents, both male and female.

Actually talk, and values, are gradually formed, about the incident, I asked a lot of my peers, most of over 40 people strongly support the Ministry of Education, generation, mostly after the start of China’s urbanization, people from rural to urban life, from the era of material conditions is poor to come out of a gang, think China whether military, education, work and other fields, boys should have a masculinity, this is a time background.

Many primary school, middle school, encounter conflicts, are dare to fight with a machete, a lot of village conflicts, a lot of people are armed with guns. It is common for every class and every school to fight with bully-boys. If we shoot a film about a middle school in that period, the intensity can be as fierce as the Japanese film “Hot Blood College”, and if we shoot a film about a firefight among villagers in the countryside, the intensity can also be as fierce as the Hong Kong film “Hot Boys”.

At that time, many people’s way out was to be a soldier or go directly to the construction site. How can these people agree with the feminization of boys? !

Times have changed today. Multicultural culture began to integrate into China.

Even kill matt once also red at that time, male teenagers feminization is easier to understand, this is actually the direction of public opinion.

Although we are inclusive of culture, the core is the aesthetic orientation of the authority to public opinion. All kinds of talent shows are too strong in guiding teenagers’ values, they set up all kinds of scripts to tell teenagers what is the standard of beauty. So much so that the ever-entertaining society has formed its own set of value judgments and made all kinds of extreme comments on the Internet.

I asked several young people under the age of 25, who were deeply offended by the Ministry of Education’s comment, but I learned that each of them was a heavy patient of entertainment programs, watching variety shows for more than four hours a day. I asked them if they knew the Purple Light Pavilion. They asked me where it was and hadn’t been there yet.

I think the Ministry of Education is right that we have had too long a peaceful period, but there are many things that need to be passed on.

When one of my friends saw the photos of actor Huang Zitao, he said:

“What kind of fucking society is it that looks at men’s pictures to make them hard?”

The brother’s words are a little rough, but there is no problem. There is no doubt that Huang Zitao, an actor, is a very successful person in China. However, it is right that this kind of guidance for teenagers establishes masculinization and feminization for many teenagers imsubtly. So much so that when the Ministry of Education issued a comment on masculinity, Weibo was full of abuse.

Many people who have served in the army and experienced a lot of hardship will find it difficult to understand such a thing.

My father, a former army officer stationed on the border in Inner Mongolia, was completely disgusted when I showed him some masculine and feminine pictures. The motherland he once guarded, how did the society become like this? !

Now the Ministry of Education’s response is right, whether from the domestic situation, or the international situation, peace is always threatened. A worldwide war, is it impossible to happen again? Our society continues to develop in this way. Five years may not have changed much, but what about 10 or 20 years? If this pattern continues, what will men become?

Appearance can affect a person’s inner! More and more feminine men, the heart is not likely to be a man like Li Yunlong.

A man is a man and should be a man. A man should have more strong qualities and bear the spirit to protect his family and the country.

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