Singapore Institute of Building Management

Singapore Institute of Building Management

Singapore Institute of Building Management
Established in 1984, the Singapore Institute of Architecture (SIA) is a 100 per cent government funded school of architecture management established by the Construction Bureau of the Ministry of Development of Singapore. The application requirements for the Singapore School of Architecture Management include: completion of Grade 2 in China (obtaining the results of the HKCEE); Graduated from high school in China; O level or A level (current students can apply first). Entry information includes student’s passport, 2-inch photo on white background (electronic version is accepted), senior high school transcript or HKCEE results or O level admission ticket; Online Entrance Examination; Exam subjects include Architectural Engineering: English (including oral interview) + Mathematics, Engineering Budget/Digital Engineering: English (including oral interview) + Logic.

Moreover, the Singapore Institute of Architecture (BCAA) is a 100 percent government institution. Unlike the five polytechnics, the Singapore Institute of Architecture (BCAA) is under the Ministry of Development. With independent recruitment rights, friendly to international students, can provide more places for international students. Starting from February 2016, the Chinese Ministry of Education can apply for BCAA graduate qualification certification.

The strong background of the Singapore School of Architecture provides students with many opportunities to participate in industry competitions and collaborative projects, gain experience and add color to their life histories. Currently, BCAA graduates, with the exception of some who choose to continue their studies, are almost fully employed within six months, with a starting salary of more than S $2,200. 92% of students can find satisfactory jobs within six months of graduation.

The 8 architectural majors offered by the Singapore School of Architecture are all very practical and popular, such as Interior Design, Architectural Design, Green Building, Digital Engineering, etc. Students can find jobs directly after graduation, and they can also choose to further their studies, such as Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, etc. SIAD also has a partnership with the University of Newcastle in Australia to link undergraduate programmes for only two years.

Singapore School of Building Management Courses:

1. Architectural engineering

This major aims to train professionals with the professional knowledge of production, construction and management as well as the practical skills required for construction engineering. After graduation, the students will become a new generation of construction professionals who are competent for the management and supervision of construction projects on site.

2. Digital courses

As the global demand for sustainable built environment increases, more and more buildings are installed and equipped with advanced greening systems and technologies to ensure that these buildings can better provide a good living environment for people. Information and communication technologies (ICT) thus play an important role in the design, operation and maintenance of green, sustainable buildings.

3. Engineering cost course

If you want to calculate the cost and cost of a project as much as possible, there are corresponding high requirements of skills, which are very testing of professional knowledge.