Hold on, don't give up, believe

Hold on, don’t give up, believe

Hold on, don't give up, believe
Hold on, don’t give up, to believe: nothing is impossible

The teacher gave the pupils an essay question: “My volunteer”.

A primary school student wrote down his dream in his notebook quickly: “I hope to have a manor that covers an area of more than ten hectares in the future, in the vast land full of green grass. The estate has numerous cabins, barbecue areas, and a lodge. In addition to their own living there, but also for tourists to come to share, there is a place for them to rest.”

The pupil’s composition was asked to be rewritten by the teacher. He looked carefully at what he had written and found no mistakes. Then he took the composition to ask his teacher for advice.

The teacher told him, “I want you to write down what you want to do, not what you want to do, do you know?”

Pupil argue and strive for: “but, teacher, this really is my volunteer!”

The teacher insisted, “No, that’s impossible! That’s just a bunch of fantasy. I want you to rewrite it.” The pupil refuses to compromise: “I know very well that this is my dream.” The teacher shook his head. “If you don’t rewrite it, I won’t pass you.” Pupils resolutely do not rewrite, and the composition also only got a big “E”.

Thirty years later, the teacher took another group of primary school students on a trip to a scenic resort, enjoying endless green grass, comfortable accommodation, and fragrant barbecue. And this is exactly where the student who got the “E” had his vacation house.

Nothing in life is impossible, even in the eyes of others it is impossible to achieve the dream, as long as you think it is their own will and willing to unremitting efforts to pursue, sooner or later, you will have a dream come true.

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