Humility, reliability, mentality

Dare to bear responsibility

People with a sense of proportion, the road will be more walk more wide, between retreat and retreat freely, arrived at the dream of life.

Everything has always been

“The Book of Songs” said: “the end of the new, fresh gram.”

That is to say, people tend to do things with great interest at the beginning, but few people can stick to things until the end.

Therefore, whether a person is reliable or not, the key point is to see whether he can finish his work, can do timely feedback and explanation.

How many people’s lives are like this:

Set a plan every year, the goal is grand, but, year after year can’t finish;

Entrusted by people, full promise, but a turn around without the following;

Intimate relationship, at the beginning of the pledge, but gradually no patience and tolerance.

Unreliable people, may win temporary flowers and applause, but may lose the real future;

Temporary gratitude, but not lasting trust;Can have romantic love, but it is difficult to have a long life together.

And reliable people, no matter what to do, will be finished, everything is done one by one.

In the workplace, can do everything has been explained, everything has landed, everything has an echo;

In social life, one should act according to one’s ability and not make promises easily. One should strive to make promises no matter how difficult they are.

In the family, remember the original commitment, hand in hand, hold your hand, and grow old together.

In the final analysis, it is to do things to let people trust.

Dare to bear responsibility

Daily life, no ups and downs, it is difficult to see a person’s responsibility.

Can stand up at the critical moment, can be in danger when the people who receive orders, is responsible, dare to take on, the real reliable.

People who fail at work and throw the blame on others to avoid responsibility are not responsible.

People who complain about problems in life are not worthy of contact.

A person is worth deep friendship, to see whether he has a responsibility.

Encounter problems, do not escape, dare to take responsibility, efforts to solve the dilemma, will get the respect and trust of others.

Know that in this world, things won’t always be easy, and the tough times will happen in unexpected places, and what’s needed in those situations is someone to step up.

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