Humility, reliability, mentality

Be discreet in your dealings

One of the reasons some people fail to be punctual in life is that the cost of not being punctual is too low.

 Humility, reliability, mentality

Li Shutong and Ouyang Yuqian will not cease to be friends just because they are late once or twice. This belongs to the tolerance between friends.

But in the long run:

A person who is always late, will slowly wear out the trust of others;

An author who always delays manuscripts, editors will gradually lose confidence in cooperation;

A person who doesn’t care about other people’s time while having fun will destroy the patience of those around him. 

Life is in a hurry and everyone’s time is precious. Punctuality is becoming more and more a personal necessity.

A person who always keeps his promise is more likely to make people trust him and open the door to success.

Be discreet in your dealings

The communication between people, know the proper, know the advance and retreat, is a good cultivation, but also a kind of ability.

This kind of accomplishment and ability, above all, is reflected in the language.

In life, there are often people who do not hide, regardless of the occasion, regardless of the feelings of others.

If you care, he will not take it as a matter of fact, saying that he is outspoken, others are too sensitive.

In fact, a good word three winter warm, harsh words wounding in June cold.

Those so-called outspoken, part of the lack of self-restraint, out of bounds, and some, is because of bad.

People who do not have a sense of propriety are not welcome for their shallowness and tackiness and lack of self-cultivation.

If you only want to talk quickly, intentionally or unintentionally let people embarrassed, for a long time, no matter how good the relationship will be alienated.

Su Dongpo once said, “Shallow words are deep words, and a gentleman will rule.”

Meaning, the gentleman most taboo, is in the communication with others without discretion, speak without weight.

There are people of modest origins and modest qualifications who have prospered in life largely because they have an insight into human nature, what is appropriate, and know when to advance and when to retreat.

They know that, no matter how good the relationship is, how deep the relationship is, it is necessary to be proper and not overstep the rules. 

No matter how much hate a person, will not be emotional, too picky, deliberately difficult, and give each other a chance to survive.

Grasp a good measure of life, is equal to master their own destiny.

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