Education, intelligence, children

The beginning of all things is simple

Writer Ernest Hemingway once said:

“I have always believed that the man who lives more seriously within begins to live more simply without.

 Education, intelligence, children

In an age of extravagance and waste, I hope to show the world how few the real wants of mankind are.”

In life, people always say “people do things to be generous”, so do not understand restraint, random waste, as if only this is the most appropriate way to get along with the world.

In fact, people who are “stingy” are more appreciated and worth learning from than those who are “generous”.

Have heard such a sentence: “love others, never more than love yourself.”

When you love someone too much, it causes stress and hurts you needlessly.

Actress Lisha Cheng told the story of her husband Guo Xiaodong on the show.

After two people get married, Cheng Lisha puts the focus of life on Guo Xiaodong body.

Every time her husband went out, she would meet him at the airport.Every time her husband comes back from filming, she always waits at home.

But later on in the show, she said to another guest:

“Even if you get married and have children, don’t give up your career.

Otherwise, everything you have comes from your husband, your children, and you won’t have yourself anymore.”

To others and yourself, the most afraid, is too much of a good thing.At any time, don’t love too hard.

If you want others to care about you, learn to care about yourself first.

“All things should be done to measure, not difficult, easy to break.”

Love a person, don’t be too “generous”, seven points to others, three points to yourself.

We can only love each other better if we keep some room for ourselves.

There is a line in “Time Will Remember” :

“The most beautiful and cruelest thing in life is the same thing, and that is to never try again.”

I think so.

Life, don’t waste too much time on others.

Many people like to waste time on others, but are “stingy” with themselves.

Don’t be too “generous” to others and don’t be too “stingy” to yourself. Learn how to manage your life and spend time on yourself to enrich yourself and lead a rich life.