Education, intelligence, children

You’re not that important

When Mei Lanfang, the master of Chinese opera, once appeared on stage, the audience cheered him.

Suddenly I heard an old man criticize loudly:

Education, intelligence, childrenEducation, intelligence, children

“What kind of famous actor is he? He dares to go on stage even though he doesn’t dance his sword!”

Seeing this, the people advised Mei Lanfang one after another: “Don’t take an old man’s nonsense to heart.”

Mei Lanfang took this incident to heart and asked someone to inquire about the old man’s residence.

After finding the old man, he went to visit him respectfully and asked for his advice:

“Old man, you criticized me well the other day, but I am really not good at learning arts, so I come to you for advice.”

The old man said, “You are a famous star. How dare I advise you?”

Mei Lanfang bowed again and said:

“The younger generation talent is scanty, a wish to carry forward the quintessence of the nation, hope to get your guidance.”

The old man refused many times, but could not withstand Mei Lanfang’s many requests, and finally agreed to give him some advice.

Therefore, Mei Lanfang studied with the old man and made a breakthrough in her skills.

There is a saying in Disciple Proverbs:

“There is a modest retreat, there is a benefit;There is a pity, there is a setback.”

The real strength of the people, often low-key modest, hidden, no matter how much success, never think very high, arrogant.

To be a man, to have a modest state of mind and to maintain a humble attitude is a kind of open-minded and calm wisdom.

Shakespeare once said: “a proud man, the result is always in pride to destroy themselves.”

People, no matter when and where, should maintain a state of humility, do not think too highly of their own, too take themselves seriously.

Only in this way can we learn constantly, improve ourselves constantly, and face the ups and downs of life with confidence.

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