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The terrible thing about being a person

The ancient Greek philosopher Teres famously said, “The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.”

A person can be confident, but not arrogant;Can be wild, but never arrogant.

Education, intelligence, children

The most terrible thing about being a person is that you can’t see yourself clearly and overestimate your influence on the world around you, so that you can’t see the mountains beyond the mountains and the people beyond the mountains.

The famous American conductor and composer Walter Damrosch became a conductor when he was in his twenties.

Young and frivolous, he thought he was so talented that no one could take his place as commander.

One day during band rehearsal, he found that he had left his baton at home, so he ordered someone to fetch it.

The secretary heard:

“That’s all right. Just borrow one from the rest of the band.”

Walter Damrosch was puzzled. Who else would carry a baton, he thought.

So he turned to the others and asked, “Who can lend me a baton?”

Then the cellist, concertmaster, and pianist each pulled out a baton and handed it to him.

He suddenly woke up and realized that his place in the band was not irreplaceable.

While he gloats about his achievements, those around him are quietly trying to take his place.

Every time he achieved something, he would see three batons dangling in front of his eyes, reminding him not to relax.

Lessing, a famous British female writer, once said:

“Much of our pride rests on our ignorance.”

No one is irreplaceable, and those who think too highly of themselves and think that the team can not operate without them often find that the team can operate very well without them.

It is a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of poise and a kind of state to behave in the world and not take yourself too seriously.

Don’t be complacent. Be humble

Deng Tuo, a famous contemporary historian, once said, “The more incapable he is, the more he is pretentious.”

The more mature ear of wheat hangs its head lower, the more empty head of people, the higher the head.

To be a person, we must always be humble and open-minded in learning, so as to make progress and achieve better ourselves.