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No one is irreplaceable

American novelist Adam Metzner once said:

“Don’t take yourself so seriously. Things can be done just fine without you.”

Education, intelligence, children

This sentence reminds us: be a man, do not take yourself too seriously.

Without the earth, everyone will turn as usual. The sun, moon and stars will not shift with the existence of a person. Everything in the world will not stop growing because of a person’s will.

People alive, the biggest stupid is to take themselves too seriously, indulge in their weaving dreams, superciguous, pretentious.

As a Spanish proverb goes, “Self-knowledge is the rarest of all knowledge.”

Shallow people also have a shallow understanding of themselves, once the outside world has a positive evaluation of their own, will overestimate their importance.

But in fact, others hold you, you are a beautiful cup, others let go, you are broken glass, do not overestimate their position in the hearts of others.

During World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was invited to give a live speech by the BBC when the limousine in which he was travelling got into trouble.

He stopped a taxi and asked the driver to take him to the BBC.

The driver said, “I have to make a detour to send you there, which will delay my listening to the speech of Churchill, my idol.”

When Churchill heard this, he realized how important he was to others, so he handed over five pounds to the driver and asked him to take him.

Five pounds is the equivalent of several days’ earnings for a taxi driver.

The driver immediately took the money and said:

“Screw Churchill, get in and I’ll drive you there.”

This impressed Churchill: Don’t take yourself too seriously. You might not be worth five pounds.

As a German proverb goes, “You cannot know yourself unless you are in the middle of a crowd.”

Everyone in this world has their own problems and their own lives. Don’t assume that everyone is going to focus on you.

Life, no matter how many things, in what position, must remember, never overestimate the importance of their own.

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