Education, handwork, moving

Parents are constantly watching back gradually

An elderly couple in Southampton, England, haven’t seen their granddaughter for three months because of the lockdown order.

Education, handwork, moving

As soon as the ban was lifted, they couldn’t wait to drive to see their granddaughter. Fearing the spread of the virus, they wrapped themselves up and held their granddaughter outside.

No matter how dull it is, nothing is more important than being with your granddaughter.

Not alone.A pair of grandparents in the US who haven’t seen their grandchildren for more than four months have made their own protective suits out of rubbish bags and donned snorkeling gear.

It sounds strange, but it is moving.

Some people say: parents and children a, is constantly watching his back gradually far away.

However, the grandparents a, can see the opportunity is less and less, see a little time, we do not know when the next time will happen.

Maybe…There may not be a next time.

I still remember when I was ten years old, I suddenly heard my mother say that my grandfather had gone, and I was stunned.

“Where did grandpa go?

It is impossible to reconcile death with the kindness of my grandfather, who always loved me.

When I was more sensible, I finally realized that I had no grandfather’s child.

If I can go back to the past, I will ask my mother to take me back to my hometown, accompany my grandfather to the field planting rice seedlings, climbing trees and picking fruit, or in the evening with him with a big fan to drive mosquitoes to see the stars and the moon?

Young, do not understand the regret of parting.

Until I wake up, I know that some company, less, no will become unforgettable injury.

In order not to let my daughter grow up in the future to experience my regret, as long as there is time, I will always take her home to accompany the elderly family.

Idle sitting in front of the rocking chair rest, laughing at children and grandchildren in the courtyard.

It is not only the dream of the old people, but also the compensation of the deepest love for the children in this life.

Really, in addition to parents in the world, there is no one like them, with life in the love of children.

This love, originally belongs to us, when we have children, continue to continue.

It’s just that unlike us, they have more time and possibilities with their children and grandchildren, and the more they understand the cruelty of the passing of time, the more they want to make the most of it.

We think that the days ahead will be long, but forget the impermanence of the world, a twinkling of an eye, the future will never.