Education, handwork, moving

Nothing important than with your granddaughter

As a teacher of the people, he is usually serious, very serious, but the thought of granddaughter, can not restrain the joy.

Every time I see a plush doll outside, I think of taking it to my granddaughter. Once I buy it, it’s a big sack.

It took me seven hours to go to town to see my granddaughter, carrying a cloth bag.Once opened, shocked the audience.

Education, handwork, moving

This is not a Rag Doll ah, it is grandpa’s heavy love!

Perhaps the journey into the city was hard and difficult, but the thought of smiling at my granddaughter made it all worth it.

Some people ask, why are older relatives always so touching?

Because this among them carrying the old man the most selfless love, as long as grandchildren people have a request, tube his thirty-seven twenty-one, did it.

Even if the pry can not move the earth, they will try their best to find a fulcrum, take the lever of their love to move it.

They’re drifting away, and they just cherish the moment

Nowadays, many places have strict controls on People’s Daily travel.However, as long as there is an opportunity, there will always be the first time in front of the grandchildren.

An elderly couple in Southampton, England, haven’t seen their granddaughter for three months because of the lockdown order.

As soon as the ban was lifted, they couldn’t wait to drive to see their granddaughter. Fearing the spread of the virus, they wrapped themselves up and held their granddaughter outside.

No matter how dull it is, nothing is more important than being with your granddaughter.

Not alone.A pair of grandparents in the US who haven’t seen their grandchildren for more than four months have made their own protective suits out of rubbish bags and donned snorkeling gear.

It sounds strange, but it is moving.

Some people say: parents and children a, is constantly watching his back gradually far away.

However, the grandparents a, can see the opportunity is less and less, see a little time, we do not know when the next time will happen.

Maybe…There may not be a next time.

I still remember when I was ten years old, I suddenly heard my mother say that my grandfather had gone, and I was stunned.

“Where did grandpa go?

It is impossible to reconcile death with the kindness of my grandfather, who always loved me.

When I was more sensible, I finally realized that I had no grandfather’s child.