They're drifting away, and they just cherish the moment

They’re drifting away and just the moment

A netizen on Zhihu shared his experience of being brought up by his grandmother.

They're drifting away, and they just cherish the moment

My parents work in other places all the year round, so I live with my grandmother.Grandma is out of the heart to be good to him, no matter what to eat with what, let him first, not enough of the total try to add to him.

Then he went out to study and came home to his grandmother less often.

But every time he went back, there were always his favorite dishes and snacks in front of him. Even the room he lived in was never touched and still put as before.

In grandma’s eyes, he is always the mischievous, but warm grandson.

Yes ah, the other generation love, is the most pure and simple love.

Grandfathers poured everything into it, and they didn’t need a reason to love and spoil it.

In their shadow, the grandchildren are forever the children who do not have to grow up, forever innocent.

And they’re afraid they’re not giving enough

A grandfather accidentally said “I want to eat enema” because of his granddaughter.

The next day, my grandfather, who was usually reluctant to eat and wear, spent twelve thousand yuan to fill the house with sausages.

When her granddaughter saw it, she jumped up and shouted, “Grandpa, how did you give me so much?”

Seeing his granddaughter happy, the old man just smiled and said, “That’s enough to eat for a year.”

Is real strength spoil sun!

As long as the child put forward the request, is always on demand, dare not neglect, afraid of the child disappointed.

Even, the children do not have any requirements, they can always be prepared in advance, try to put their own heart out to the child.

There is a “web celebrity grandma” in Heilongjiang province. Whenever she has time to think of her grandson, she always goes to his work to deliver food.

Steamed buns, pies, ice cream, tea eggs…There’s even stinky tofu.

Cold weather is afraid of cold food, grandma simply put things hidden in the clothes, every time to come, the collar is always bulging, never forget to take something.

The 78-year-old man, who loves his grandson like an old child, never hesitates to do what he thinks.

The scene of her and her grandson smiling at each other, filled with happiness and warm heart.

Some people say that there is a happiness called grandma’s handkerchief hidden in the sugar for you.Grandma’s handkerchief is a treasure chest. Every time you open it, there’s something good for you.

Just like Yao Chen once shared grandma’s special “salty oil orange”, hiding is full of grandma’s miss.

As long as it is the grandchildren like, want, must keep in mind, as soon as there is an opportunity to prepare for the children at any time without saying a word.