Education, handwork, moving

It sounds strange, but it is moving

This time, for his grandson, he created a Chinese version of the Transformers called the Think-Man.

Education, handwork, moving

More than 100 pieces of wood firmware, flexible wooden joints, exquisite details of the pattern, the craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen, all reveal the grandfather’s love for his grandchildren.

Since his retirement, Grandpa Li, who is unemployed at home, has been thinking about making wooden toys with his own skills to entertain his grandchildren.

At first, it was walking robots, walking chickens;

Then, is the mantis car, salute car.

In short, Grandpa Li did his best to meet his grandchildren’s demands.

He created every toy, but also fire throughout the whole network, attracted a lot of net friends envy envy hate.

Although affection can’t be measured by anything, Grandpa Li’s love for his grandchildren, which is willing to give, keep learning and challenge himself, can definitely bring happiness and happiness to them.

Who says this world only parents love their children, there are obviously parents of parents.

These lovely grandparents have never wavered in their devotion to their grandchildren, more than anyone else.

All generations love, all the more.

As parents, we always give everything to our children, but our parents are also giving everything to their children’s children.

Their love for their grandchildren is purely instinctive.

No matter how old the grandchildren are, they will always be children in their hearts

A grandfather in Henan Province, worried that his granddaughter could not eat well at school, took a bus from his hometown to visit his granddaughter alone.

Afraid of delaying the study of my precious granddaughter, I called her after taking a bath and having dinner.

As soon as they meet, they habitually dig up their pockets for money.

Such a thing, often happen, when I was a child to give a piece or two, grow up is one or two hundred.

Even when she grew up, she would refuse, but her grandfather would be “angry” and throw money to say:

“I’ve got plenty of money.”

Who doesn’t have a “donor” grandfather.

I remember every time I went back to my hometown when I was a child, my grandfather would secretly give me red envelopes and let me buy some fun and delicious food.

“Grandpa, I’m in my 20s,” he said many times, but he didn’t listen. He always thought I was just a kid, the little granddaughter who liked to play Sailor Moon and eat lollipops.

One of his most famous quotes: “As long as I’m here, you’ll always be my granddaughter. You’ll take it if I’m happy to give it to you.”