Li Chenru talks about his views on his son

Without Li Chenru, it’s like without my hand

Even Journey to the West director Yang Jie boasted: “Without Li Chenru, it would be like without my hand.”

Li Chenru talks about his views on his son

When journey to the West was filmed for four episodes, there was no white horse. Li Shenru went to Xilinholt and bought the white dragon horse. He bought it back with 800 yuan.

steal to eat ginseng fruit that set, with real scenes, Li Chengru is really racking their brains, in the road construction site was cut down in the tree found a tree, and then transported over…

But After five years on the show, Mr. Li’s intentions remained the same: He later recalled his days behind the scenes as follows:

If you want to act, you always ask the director, ‘Why don’t I do one?‘The director said,’ You’ve done so much work. Who’s going to do it? Go and work!‘I was dismissed immediately. Five years ago, I didn’t play any of the hundreds of roles in Journey to the West.”

I have to say, Li Chengru is really calm, has been waiting for the opportunity.

Eat bitter in the bitter, fang ren shang, can endure li Chenru, finally waited for his chance.He has portrayed many memorable characters.

He’s the crazy guy in “Big Shot,” who soliloquizes for one minute and 26 seconds.

He is the heavy and wise policeman “Big Zeng” in the criminal investigative drama “Serious Six”.

He is the qian Kang who said “money is a bastard” in Passing Addiction.

He is also the king from rich to poor in Wangfujing, the ill-fated Liu Fangzi in My Life, the director who always wants to be “refined” in Customized Film, and the hysterical Cheng lunatic in Dragon Mugou, etc.

Even after years of not acting, he still dares to speak out on various occasions, defending the fundamental principles of acting itself.

For example, he is very strict with his lines and treats others as well as himself. If one day he fails in his lines, he says he would rather go home and have grandchildren.

Many people think that If Li Chenrou succeeds by setting high standards for himself, will he do enough to help or pave the way for the next generation? The answer is — no way!

Rich dad, poor son

Before we talk about Li’s relationship with his son,

First of all, I must say something about The value of Li Chenru.

Don’t think he’s just an old stork,

In fact, he is nothing short of a rich businessman actor.

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  1. Having a certain economic foundation can create a better environment, have a certain space for rise, and improve myself better.

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