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This is the result of lazy politics

At 30, leaving to start over in another city is definitely an adventure.

Career, education, growth

But my friend said she didn’t think she could stay in Beijing.

It’s not just the house. She feels that Beijing, the city, does not accept her.

The management style of the Beijing and Shanghai governments is very different.

When we did activities in the past, we found that in the approval of a site in Shanghai, as long as it meets the standards and is implemented in accordance with the law, then the government agencies will quickly help you to do things.

But not necessarily in Beijing, which is a special political center, for various regulatory reasons, causing an event that has been scheduled for a long time to collapse.

The same problem has been found in this outbreak. In Shanghai, pets can be brought with them if they are quarantined.

But in Beijing’s Daxing, many quarantined pet owners have made an online appeal, saying their pets don’t know what to do.After the appeal, the community initially gave the plan, is to sign their own “after infection responsibility” manual.

This is the result of lazy politics.

Without Shanghai in the lead, I believe many viewers would be like me. We would think, you are isolated, people may have problems, why bother with pets?Why bother the government?

But as one blogger put it, the efficient implementation and good management of the governments in the free shipping areas is because people there like to find faults and make trouble, and they end up with better government management.

If we always tell people not to bother when they are calling for power, we will be honorable.

What’s the end result?It is to encourage and encourage managers to be lazy.

If you’re a manager and you want to do as little as possible, you’ll get lazier and lazier over time.

And Beijing has such a trend, its urban management level, it seems to be more and more open with Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.

My friend has been running to Shenzhen and Shanghai.

When we do knowledge pay, knowledge pay the most companies, in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Now we do live broadcast e-commerce, the most do live broadcast e-commerce, in Hangzhou, not in Beijing.