Company is the longest confession of love

Company is the longest confession of love

Why is it so hard for Chinese parents?

Because I always try my best to give my children something better.

My friend and her husband both belong to the good working class. The couple’s monthly income is 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, which is still good in the second and third-tier cities.

Company is the longest confession of love

However, her bestie always brings her lunch to work and even refuses to eat a takeaway meal of more than 20 yuan. And her husband even goes out to drive a car every weekend, so he can make more money.

I see a gap: while some kids are watching TV at home, others are taking dance classes and coaching classes.

I want to create better conditions for the child, do not want him to be as hard as us in the future.

Too many parents struggle to keep their children from losing at the starting line.

The aunt, who works as a cleaner at a Shanghai railway station, has not been home for six years in order to hold on to her 3,000 yuan a month job.

She arrives at work after 4 a.m. and works from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

She grapples with any of the money she has earned and sends it all to her two children back home in Anhui province so that they can go to a better school and receive a better education.

But she soothed herself with tears:

It’s okay. The kids will grow out of it. I’m not to blame.

I still remember a diary written by a little girl named “My Dad” went viral in friends circle. In the diary, the little girl said that her father was busy with work every day and had no time to accompany her.

At the end of her diary she said:

Dad you don’t accompany me, I will grow up.

This sentence, let countless parents cry!

There is no parent in the world who does not love his child,

There is no parent who doesn’t want to be there for their children growing up,

But they want to feed and clothe their children,

Give children a better life and a better future.

Some people say: every parent is very greedy, want to give their children to earn the whole world, also want to give their children all the company.

Life involuntarily, as parents, we can only hide the guilt in the heart, cruel turned away.

Please understand, my child!

Mom and Dad can’t afford you when they leave their jobs,

Pick up the work can’t accompany you.

In fact, many parents know that it is not easy to give their children an ordinary life.

But they are still greedy and don’t want to give up. They will always try their best to do something more for their children.